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Flat Pack Furniture Assembly
Locate Flat Pack Assembly - If you're needing a flat pack assembly service in your neighbourhood you cannot rush into it because there are positive and negative strategies to set about uncovering an excellent flat pack assembly service. If you visit our popular website, we'll be able to give you a lot of beneficial assistance regarding the worst and best ways to hunt for a flat pack assembly service and supply you with some pointers to help you find the ideal flat pack assembly where you live. In the world today it is very important that you keep away from cowboys and scoundrels who'll only cause you misery and grief should you choose to hire them for your next project. Therefore do the prudent thing and head along to our website right away and arm yourself with the current advice and info.

Posted: Thu, 6 Jul. 2017
Expires: Tue, 27 Nov. 8040
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Posted: Sat, 1 Jul. 2017
Expires: Fri, 27 Apr. 2018
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Get a Staircase Fitter
Get a Staircase Fitter - If you're going to fix up or exchange your tatty old stairs some time soon, you need to get a qualified stair fitter to measure, survey and furnish you with a price quote for the task. Our most current website provides tons of ideas about how precisely to search for an honest stair fitter, together with numerous techniques for enhancing your present staircase and making your property look a lot better. Should you need an alternative stairs, there is an awesome volume of ideas to help you to choose what type of stairway you'll need and what would be the best one for you and your home.

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Posted: Thu, 6 Apr. 2017
Expires: Wed, 11 Jan. 8862
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Exchange home for a month to paint
I am an artist living in my studio/apartment in the historic city of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, and would like to exchange my apartment (very charming) for a month or more with someone interested in visiting San Juan, and that can offer me a nice place in Malta to stay in exchange for that period of time. It would be great for an artist, as it is a big loft where he/she could work also. If anyone is interested plese contact me

Posted: Mon, 15 Sep. 2003
Expires: Thu, 30 Jan. 2031
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Massause looking for work and frien
26 year old Hungarian woman looking for position as a massause or any hotel or restaurant work. I am a college graduate and speak English fluently. I am hard working and honest.

I am already in Malta and am seeking employment urgently. Once I get a job offer, I can go for interview the next day!

posted: 15/July 2003

Posted: Tue, 15 Jul. 2003
Expires: Fri, 29 Nov. 2030
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Wish U had a Pen-Pal from Malta? :)
Hi I am Amanda (aka Mandy) from Malta, born on the 9th April 1980. Likes/hobbies are: music, flamenco dance, reading, long walks and swimming (in Summer). Pen-pals are welcome to drop me a line :)

Posted: Sun, 27 Apr. 2003
Expires: Sun, 23 Mar. 4741
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looking for friends in Malta?
leave your details here if you wish people to email you as net-pals:

Name: Steve
From: Malta
DOB: 06-Jul-1961
Work: Director/Freight Forwarding
Likes:Family,Malta,reading, walks, films, Summer, my friends, history, working out, communic., music, art, nature
Hates:Vandalism, disorder
Mssg: Write to me!

Posted: Sun, 27 Apr. 2003
Expires: Sun, 23 Mar. 4741
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