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Fox Carbine

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Great Hopes

I was very excited to find my Fox Carbine, and My enthusiasm has diminished by the lack of activity, participation, and information here. The site has great potential but haven't seen any more than that in a great while. I hope things change for the better.

Re: Great Hopes

Sorry you are disappointed. I provided this resource a relatively short time ago. It will take a little time for it to gain traction. As far as our participation, I physically moved in June, Irene hit in August and we just got slammed by Alfred. Both John and I just got power back recently. I know there is an outstanding question on welding the A380 die cast alloy and I have been meaning to get to it but hey... "stuff" happens.

Re: Great Hopes

I didn't mean it as a slam to you. Rather, I see great potential and am not patient. The Fox carbine has to be one of the most intriguing firearms I've seen.