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Fox Carbine

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Presentation Tri-C Carbine

Hi Everyone,

I purchased a Tri-C carbine many years ago at a gun store in Connecticut. At one time this gun was presented to Bob Zwirz and it is engraved on the top cover. Unfortunately the catch that allows the cover to open had been broken and someone tried to fix it by drilling a couple of holes and putting in a couple of screws. I haven't shot this in a long time and the buffer has disintegrated and it appears that some of the pieces got into the trigger mechanism because it will not function properly. I've had my time with this gun and I'm thinking of selling it. Due to the impending legislation in Connecticut I will probably have to sell it out of state so if there is anyone interested email me and I'll send some pictures and we can talk. I believe that this gun was presented right after the May 74 article in Gun World Magazine because the date is June 74.