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Supergame XXXI Feedback

First of all i want to thank everyone who came out and showed there support for Supergame XXXI.

I want to hear what everyone thought of the day! I know the clouds didn't treat us the way we would have all prefered, but our numbers are growing every year and we want to make sure were doing everything we can to make it a great event for all the players and participates. So please share your imput, positive or negative, on the event.

What parts do you think need some work and what parts do you think ran smoothly and should continue for future events? All ideas will be considered to make it a more fun and exciting day for SUPERGAME XXXII, SEPT. 24TH!
Thanks again,

Re: Supergame XXXI Feedback

i think we should have done some renegade missions. me and some other renegades did some but i would have preferred if there was a group of us. but other than that it was alot of fun.

Re: Supergame XXXI Feedback

more HPA fill stations would have been nice

The extra refs were definitely good

I liked the speedball field a lot, and spent basically the whole day there

overall, it was a lot of fun. too bad I probably won't be able to go to the next one(not enough money)

Re: Supergame XXXI Feedback

The game was a blast frist to say.
Yes there needed to be more HPA fills but it was fine tell the end of the game.The extra reffs were great!Well i dont know what all happend up in the woods but the speedball worked out great! The air bunkers were so much better then last years wood ones. Thats about all to say for me but The dead mans walk was so much fun for me to do!

Keep up the good work for sure! can't wait tell the next game!

Re: Supergame XXXI Feedback

I had a great time!! running the missions was a blast as well as holding the bases and fighting the onslaughts of red players, I think the volunteer refs need to be better informed of the objective that was next(I had refs asking me what objective we were on) and maybe they should all have synchronized watches so we dont have one ref calling the objective over and another one calling it still active, I also heard one ref during the DMZ battle call out 5 minutes left and the another one right after calling out 7 minutes left, so thats my two cents worth. Over all I had a blast and will definetly be at the next game!!

Re: Supergame XXXI Feedback

Awesome day of play! Thanks Dan, Warpaint and sponsors for another great event . The raffle prize method this year was a good way to do it. Nice to see more refs on the field. Coming from Central Oregon the rain put a small damper at first but didn't ruin the day by a long shot.

Two improvements to note:
1.) More HPA Stations, compressors, etc... Spent about 2 hours of my day in line for air.
I do have to say though that the guys running the HPA did an awesome job of working with what they had.

2.) Better informed refs, ones that know the objective and have watches that are synchronized (Dan's, regrettably will never be synchronized ). There was a 7 minute differential at Hamburger Hill and much confusion, yellows were all walking down the hill(after the ref that was there called it) 3 minutes before Red rushed the flag.

Good day though, it was nice to see more opposition at the flags and less in the DMZ all day than last year.

Looking forward to making the trip next year!

Re: Supergame XXXI Feedback

I thought that overall it was a good time. The field is awesome with lots of ground cover. I have a good impression of the field.

However there were some attitudes out there on the field. I shot a guy twice in the chest, I saw them break. He went behind cover and came back shooting after wiping it. I walked over to his bunker yelling for him to leave the field, and he told me they bounced and that it was just a game. During this exchange the guy in the bunker with him got hit, called himself out and then returned fire at the guy who shot him.

On another instance, I had sneaked up behind a group of the other team getting ready to push against Hamburger Hill. I opened up on them and got 8-9, of which 3-4 returned fire on me. I took several hits from eliminated players.

While I understand it is a game, the rules should still be followed, or what's the point of playing?

This was my first Supergame and my first time at Warpaint. I am not sure I will be back though.

Just my .02

Re: Supergame XXXI Feedback

awesome game,ok weather, big need for more hp fill stations, spent lots of time in the line.
make sure all the refs have the same time.hamburger hill incidence.

Re: Supergame XXXI Feedback

awsome day even with the nasty weather. glad to see that many players out.
next time maybe more fill stations? also possibly better game timers, for all refs.
these are not complaints, just ideas.
all i gotta say is, is it september yet?

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Re: Supergame XXXI Feedback

Good game, lots of refs..

People need to know where the boundaries are though.Us on the Yellow couldnt get to our base because the Reds would fire at us in the MARKED PATH and in our BASE!!! we had to finally get some refs to go up there and tell them the rules. Also, most of us were only getting 1-2 hoppers off of a 20 ounce tank because they were barely filling them. Other than that though it was a good game

Re: Supergame XXXI Feedback

It was awesome, my first SuperGame. My friends and I had a lot of fun, couldn't even notice the rain it was such a blast, could hardley stand it. I will deffinately be coming to the next one.

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Re: Supergame XXXI Feedback

Although it was my first supergame, but it was the best paintball experience I have ever lived! One of my favorite moments was when Dan and everyone outside yelled "game over" the shooting intensified lol. Besides the rain, I had a blast!

Re: Supergame XXXI Feedback

Hey it's Corey,

This Supergame was excellent. High number of participants, great playing around the field. Contesting Hamburger Hill was awesome. The free guns around the field was great. And I'm glad no fire broke out this year :-).

Anyways, for some things that could be improved for next supergame.

Refs need to have -- Synchronized watches and knowledge of full rules (including what objectives are at what time). It was great having so many refs around. Chronos would be nice too, I'm not sure if they had them but, as always, I was aware of some people shooting hot.

More fill stations. I'm not sure of the circumstances on this one, but there were only 2 and occassionally just 1 fill station which mean that the lines could be upwards of 15-20 minutes long.

This is something I would like to help out on too -- upgrading the forts. The forst are great, but they've been the same way (except for the DMZ -- that upgrade is fantastic) for years, so I was thinking (maybe it's too late for this next supergame) that we might make the forts larger and more permanent.

So yeah, recap: Increase fort sizes, more fill stations, refs w/synchro watches and chronos (reffering mostly to the contested capture of Hamburger Hill).

Awesome game, great player turnout (even with the weather), keep it up for September!! (And let me know if I can helpout with anything -- I'm looking for something to do during the summer anyways).

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