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Need help with a 'good' team name...

Salutations painbtall'n junkies from out thee land...

A couple of friends from my school, and other parts of society have, at long last, decided to make an 'organized' (as organized as it gets in a new paintball team) team. The small dilema is we've been fighting over a 'cool' name to name such a 'cool' team. We all have more then two years experience, so why not. As for so names to strike intimidation into our the hearts of our oppenents, we've come up with:

-Riot, Avalanch, Di(Like 'Die')Frost, Rapid Fire, Banshee, Raiders, Juggernaut, Viral, Paintball'nJunkies (PBn'J), Heart-Seakers, Frostbite, IceFire, and somehow even the most rediculous name of the bunch, Splat-Pack, made it on. (Isn't that like a pod harness?) Oh, and if it helps with the creativity booster, we all have blue dye jerseys.

They say 100 monkies locked in a room can think of the most prestigious works of literature among the Earth.

Now go on my little chimps, go on.

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Re: Need help with a 'good' team name...

how about "bomb on wheels" if u need anther player ill join all the teams dont need 1

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