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need info on the big game july 4th

I need some info on the BIG GAME july 4th

Like what time it starts and gets over.
Like BYOP or FPO
Like do we have to sign up for it.
Like is it the standerd $15 or some thing like that to get in or is it the $40.

Thats just some of the stuff. Plz tell me the info i need to know becuase i would love to come out and play with you guys becuase the supergame was the best so far!

Re: need info on the big game july 4th

Every player must pay the $40 entry. With your $40 entry, every player will get a case of paint (2000 rds), entry and all day air. If you have addition paint or would like to bring your own you are welcome to do that but your entry will still be $40 and you will still receive a case of paint with your entry. If there is anyone out there that isn't looking for a game but would like to get a great deal on paintballs or some items, the proshop will be open. Sale is for the 4th of July ONLY!!!!!!!!1

Cases of paint 2000 rds. for $28.
F4 Illustrators for $99.99
SmartParts Ions for $199.99

If you have any more questions please feel free to post online or call warpaint @ 503.585.9477

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