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Ghillie suits

I need some advice on what kind of ghillie suit to buy and where to buy it from. I dont want to spend more than $100.

Also, has anyone else seen that paintball sniper on youtube.com? with a customized 98 he was hitting targets at 50,100, and 150 feet.

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Re: Ghillie suits

Hey Bryce,

I assume you want to use the ghillie suit at the warpaint outdoor. When making or buying a ghillie suit it's important to know what terrain you're going to playing on (what the vegetation is like -- light green, dark green, canopy, etc....) but just about any ghillie suit you buy from any surplus will work fine. If price is an issue you might consider making your own. This takes time and is a difficult process but in the end you could end up with a much better ghillie suit for the area you are working in because you can customize yourself. Basically what you need to make it is an old USAF or Army Aviator flight suit, some 1" netting, some burlap and some yarn or string (you will also need dyes or paint). I won't waste space by telling you how to make it but if you want me to I can help you out with it, just email me with the title "Paintball -- ghillie suit" in the subject and I can help you out more.

COL Morrow
Team Blacksheep CO

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