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to the warpaint staff

hey Robby, Eric, Adam, And Gale this is Thomas Barrows. Gale might know me as Connor's friend. u said get on the mailing list and i would be able to ref the supergame. and i got on and no message o well bye gtg

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Re: to the warpaint staff

Hi Thomas,

This is Dan (the only guy you didnt say "hi" to in your post) :). I will begin signing up referees for SuperGame in the next week or so. Keep an eye on your emai.


Re: to the warpaint staff

hey Dan srry i didnt say hi to u in my last post u were the just the only person i didnt know. ya so like i mean can u put me on the mailing list? my email is wwbarrows@comcast.net so pls send the stuff about helping staff the supergame there pls

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