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Dear Warpaint Staff. need help gun s

hello warpaint staff,
I am searching for a new gun, I love Accuracy, doesn't HAVE to be electronic. my price range is $600 and below. I like WGP, QUEST& INDIAN CREEK the ion is used by almost every one so I would like to stay away.

thank for the help,

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Re: Dear Warpaint Staff. need help gun s

We have a huge sale starting on Wednesday through SuperGame Sunday. You will be able to save hundreds off of Quest guns, and crazy prizes on HP bottles and other guns.

Call me at Warpaint at 503-585-9477 or email directly at staff@warpaintpb.com.

We only have two Quest guns left at this sale price. If you are interested, get a hold of me ASAP.

Warpaint International

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