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Supergame XXXII - VIDEO

Here is my video of the final event.


my summary of the event goes something like this...

1. great air fill stations. no lines, super fast, do it yourself. i loved it.

2. refs were mostly not present, or not active enough. some people were obviously hit, even repeatedly, but would refuse to get off the field.

3. the yellow team was very heavy with young kids afraid of getting shot, and many people who just didn't seem to want to get involved in the action. these kept us from having any chance of winning at all. we did take hamburger hill which was surprising.

4. absolutely no regulation for chrono and rates of fire. so many people were WAY above on both. even on the last event, 2 or 3 guys in the dmz were so hot, they were shooting flat laser beams at me filming on the back of the hill. no arc at all on them.

5. on the airball field, yellow pushed red all the way back into the saftey zone, and they reset the field. red pushed yellow back to its saftey zone, and the refs did nothing. in fact, they allowed yellow to get continuously shot while in the saftey zone. i was filming well BEHIND it getting nailed.

6. where the hell did the yellow general go ?

7. raffle was cool. enjoyed that a lot.

This was my first supergame, and at this point I don't think I will be returning unless a few things happen for sure.

First, a chrono station must be put next to the entrances and you should be required to test before entering just as you MUST have a plug or sock (which by the way was monitored! thank you!). If you fail, you get sent back to the other 'self-check' chrono. Simple rate of fire checking at that time would also be nice.

Second, there has to be more structure. Allowing airball play during the games is very counter productive to the the event. I don't think eliminating it would make one bit of difference in the turnout numbers, and would improve the overall game dramatically. That change alone is the single biggest factor that will keep me from coming back.

Third, more refs. Calling paint checks on people was just not possible. Way to many people cheating in that respect.

All in all I had a good time. I really do hope things improve for future Supergames. I would love to be a regular attendee.

Re: Supergame XXXII - VIDEO

I agree on the chrono, there was no monitoring. The last large event I was at (out of state) had very strict enforcement on that end. I had a lot of fun
although the red team won we had some great battles with yellow team. With that many people it would be hard to control team balance. There were times whem we could not stop yellow team advance or break through their defence, so we would try other things. Total confusion seems to be the order of the day in larger events. The refs were pretty weak. They were there but seemed not to do much. My group had a blast but honestly it didnt matter to me who won. I got lit up so many times by yellow team I thought they were winning. I would come back in a heartbeat. My whole group had a blast.

Re: Supergame XXXII - VIDEO

the game was a blast. you dont understand what it takes for dan and them to put this together. you cant chrono all guns unless started half hour before the event. i do think that there should be more of a rank structure and there should be a huge team meeting to set up a plan on attacks. like half hour before game time each team meets and sets orders. things will get better. but it was awesome.

Re: Supergame XXXII - VIDEO

I disagree.

You simply have the guy who is monitoring plugs, monitor the chrono.

People walk up.. fire 3 shots. if the alarm goes off, he sends them packing.

Then go get properly chrono'd at the existing chrono station.

This process takes about 3 seconds per person.

3 stations.
3 seconds each.
500 people.

((3 / 3) * 500) / 60 = 8.4 minutes.

Not only possible, but totally reasonable.

Re: Supergame XXXII - VIDEO

Thanks for your comments. There is always room for improvements.

As to the comment that there was "absolutely no regulation for chrono", I must disagree. I personally, and two other refs, carried around handheld radar chronos and checked people all day long. I would estimate I chrono'd over 100 different times. I found on a couple people shooting ove 300 (just barely), and they adjusted their guns. I do agree that having a chrono and the entrance points would be a good idea though. But I think it is more important to have refs on the field with the hand radar chronos. It is much more effective. Maybe it is not as visible, but effective.

I thought the refs did a great job. There is no way that you can have enough refs to cover 40 acres with over 400 people playing. We consistantly had 30 refs on the field, most of them from the Forest Demons. I was very proud in how they handled themselves.

As to the airball, it is going to stay. The SuperGame is about paintball being played for everyone. It offers a little of everything. If you dont like the woods, you can play airball. If you dont like airball, you can play the woods. I personally prefer the woods, but I know of a bunch of people that love the airball. The thing is, you dont have to play the airball if you dont want to.

The Yellow team did struggle, but that is how it goes when you have 400 players.

I hope to see you at the next SuperGame.


Re: Supergame XXXII - VIDEO

The guy who made the video has no idea what he was talking about. The story was completely wrong, red team had the dmz for about 5 out of 6 hours. There were no resets for ne teams. Just slight pull backs like from the 50 to the 30 and they were done for both teams. Teams were even. There was wiping on both sides. And paintballs do hurt so that u know u r hit. Also remember the dmz battle is at a much closer range than the woodz battle. The safezone was violated because of their own people were shooting at the red from inside the safe zone. Only people shooting were being shot at but if u were close to a shooter ud probably get hit. So quit the crying and lets show some appreciation for DAN.
It was a great event just like always. Cant wait till spring!

Re: Supergame XXXII - VIDEO

Dan, Thank you! We think you guys did a GREAT job! This was our first Super Game, and we're all very impressed. Putting together something this size must be quite the task. The prizes were awesome! The food was good! There was pleanty of high quality merchandise. The CO2 station lines were short and moved quickly.

And a special thanks to Pat your air smith, we wouldn't have been able to play without his expertise!

We agree that the teams could have been balanced better, maybe re-organizing the teams halfway through would have had an impact. We were all on red, and got hit plenty, but the final score was Red by 4 to 1. The fields were reset multiple times. Generals should be brought up and introduced at the begining of the game... we didn't know who ours was.

There did seem to be a LOT of chaos and mayhem, but that's half the fun! However, since these were supposed to be scenario games, there could have been better organization of players and stratigies.

It looked like a lot of the refs were watching for incoming fire more than watching who was getting hit. We saw a couple people pulled back for chrono checks by refs, but there simply were not enough refs doing paint checks. ROF checks should required for automatic markers.

The neutral zones were not spaced far enough apart at the DMZ. Many players from both teams were firing from one neutral zone across the field to the other.

Again, we all had an absolute BLAST, and we'll definately be back as regulars!!!

Re: Supergame XXXII - VIDEO

Dan,Gale and Staff.

EXCELLENT JOB !! We here at AFX feel things ran very well. I talked to a lot of players that day who said they would for sure be back for the next game. We all need to encourage fair and honest play. I'm sorry to here that some players had a bad experience. I found that if you are not happy with the way things are being run, get involved.

Re: Supergame XXXII - VIDEO

I have to say that a chrono at each entrance is a good idea, but what is to stop a person from turning it back up if they wanted while out in the woods? I think using that and the hand chronos would be a good idea. All in all it wa the best event I have been to to date. The refs were good and visalbe, the field was nice and the players and staff were friedly. I say well done fellows!! I shall return!

Re: Supergame XXXII - VIDEO

In reference to my earlier post and some other comments on the chrono : I didnt know the staff was spot checking with the chrono on the field which is a great idea. I was comparing it to another large event, Oklahoma D-Day, that I went to. I want to say I had more fun at the super game and Warpaint put on a great event. The game play was intense and concentrated. I was was exhausted by the end of the day. One of our guys fell asleep in the grass during the auction. I am looking forward to more Warpaint events closer to home. Thanks for a fun day!

Re: Supergame XXXII - VIDEO

Keep the suggestions coming guys. We have lots of ideas for next SuperGame. Here are some of the ideas. Please comment on them.

1. Chronos at each entry point. (We will keep the roaming chronos as well).
2. We are going to build up strong defensible positions on each side of the DMZ so players are not just standing in the open. We are thinking of a row of strong sandbag like bunkers on each end near the reincarnation points.
3. I will work with my refs better.
4. More prizes for raffle :). We already have new sponsors on board next year! We might pass $20,000 in prizes. First Endeavor (the makers of the Quest guns) just committed.
5. We are going to have "General Applications" online. If you want to be a leader, and think you can do a better job, here is your chance.
6. I am going to fix my megaphone. Ahhhhhh!


Re: Supergame XXXII - VIDEO

chrono at the entry points is a fine idea. So are the sandbags and the general applications.

the biggest problem with the refs was the lack of consistency.

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Re: Supergame XXXII - VIDEO

Dan : Thank you very much for being so receptive! It certainly must be pretty difficult to please everyone with such a large venue. The very idea that you are eager to continue improving it is reason enough to bring me back.

I look forward to thanking you personally at the next event. Keep up the good work!

Re: Supergame XXXII - VIDEO


You had a lot of good points. I am glad you will be back. I promise you that the SuperGame will always have improvements as long as I have good people with good recommendations.


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