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starting a team called "10th panzer brigade"

it is a team all about hevy wepons and tanks
i have 1 tank and am makeing 1 more i got artelry pice and if u want to join u need a gun that can shoot fast or a good macanic or any thing that can help with a tank brigade mail me at ww2tigertank@gmail.com
if u want more info mail me or any thing u want anserd

Re: starting a team called "10th panzer brigade"

Sound like fun but there are a lot of questions that you need answered.

1) Where do you practice?
2) How often do you practice?
3) How many people are you looking for?
4) What kind of equipment do you want?
5) What big games do you plan on going to?
6) How do you transport the tanks and artillery pieces?
7) What type of tanks do you have? (Gas, electric, or push powered)
8) What type of ordnances do you fire? (Canister shoot “paintballs”, rockets, and/or grenades)

I do own a howitzer cannon and would like to join up with other types of ordnances. I have only used it at Warpaint’s Outdoor field. Please respond in this thread so that others will see what is going on. I do run once a year WW2 game called “Battle for Normandy” that you might want to look into that is hosted/sponsored/ran by Warpaint. Lets talk about this idea of yours! I am interested in the thoughts.

Re: starting a team called "10th panzer brigade"

well the team is full allready so i dont need more ppl

Re: starting a team called "10th panzer brigade"

and no 1 uses this fourm any more plz use the new 1 ty

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