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Update on Archery Lessons?

Hello all!

My name is Lis and I'm new to the RCB. I haven't joined up or anything, however, I'm on the hunt to see if it is possible to arrange archery lessons? I don't know if it is possible in Guelph, however, I would very much like to get into the sport. I have limited experience (does summer camp even count?) but I'm willing and able!

Anyway, any help that you guys can offer would be much appreciated! :)


Re: Update on Archery Lessons?

Hey Lisa I was wondering if you ever got into the Archery? I too am not a member of RCB however I am very interested in Archery (prefer Recurve bows)and would love to be able to join RCB with lessons/someone to shoot with.

Re: Update on Archery Lessons?

Hey again,

I haven't heard anything about it. This website is probably dead.


Re: Update on Archery Lessons?

Hi Lisa

We have been members for a couple of years. We shoot traditional - longbows and recurves. We have been shooting for a number of years. If you are still interested we would be glad to show you around. Contact us by e-mail and we can try to make arrangements to meet you at the club. If you have any questions, e-mail us ( or call us at 905-547-7888 (leave a message if you get the machine).

Bill and Kathy Lees