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Jaco Screenplay 2

Sorry, the link that was supposed to link didn't link so I'll try it again.

I was reminded by Rich Frank it didn't work so you can go to;
and search under 'blog' to find the first 22-pages of the screenplay I have had this up for a while and I'm pleased to see some 1600-people have have taken the interest to view it so far.
Please note: The intro scene ends with an exploding basketball.

Plus; my "Jaco Tribute" video I made while in Florida last year has netted 14,300 views in 9-months and has been linked around the world, which is very nice.
It can be viewed at scroll down you'll find it. It is also on the myspace site.

Below is what's up with the screenplay so far:

What’s Up With Jaco Screenplay

Where It's At
I traveled to Florida in early Dec. 07 to take in a Jaco 20-Anniversary concert in Fort Lauderdale and to make more connections thru to the family. Well that didn't work out, but I wasn't really feeling that pushy, so I decided to enjoy the 81-degree Florida weather/lodgings/pool/shiraz/and my lovely wife Ann and leave it at that.
I had brought my laptop and the Jaco book if inspiration erupted and after a few days it did. I became inspired by the thought of redemption in Jaco's life and how his last days must have seemed. Jaco lived in Holiday Park in Lauderdale right across the street to where his hands and name were immortalized in cement less than 10-years before. 20-years before he wandered the streets off Sunrise were we were staying in a daze induced thru alcohol and mental health. The little bars off sunrise and A1A were his haunts. They're full of a tough seedy crowd who live by their wits and intoxicants.
One day I sat at the traffic light at Highway #1 and Oakland Park and watched a homeless man in his 50's put a sign around his neck that read "HOMELESS VIET NAM VET PLEASE HELP" I began to think he might have been around this area 20-years ago and been a friend of Jaco's. Sure enough I stopped by a local used music store, spoke to the owner and he told me one of Jaco's old drinking buddies was seen doing the same thing just down the street.
The whole idea of Jaco's life story has taken on a different meaning. Not one of a falling star but of a special light not from this earth. I managed another 70-pages while in Florida. I'd love to go down there soon to wrap it up. Maybe in the spring when the prices drop. I think I need about 50-pages tops. Then it's shopping time.
Now that's where it's at.
R. Malcolm MacDonald
AKA bassmickeyd

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