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In my visit to the heart of America, where the sky is Spangled with stars, and at the time of the sacred dance, the Aurora Borialis is like a waving Banner; I was fortunate to hear a story about two Lakota Indian bands, or "Tiospaye" one the "Red Medicine Group" and the other "Dog Eagle Clan" each had powerful knowledge of healing the mind body and spirit. While each approach was very different, each was not complete. Whatever the reason was that their medicine people and helpers and sacred fire-keepers could not unite was not clear. Some said it was "mazaska" (white metal, or money) some said ego and power, something the wisest medicine man would have rrouble coming to terms with. It is a life-long struggle to kill the man inside yourself to expose the human being. To make a long story short, so many had suffered that both clans were losing followers or patients. The bad part was that many lost hope, lost connection to spirit, and fell sick as hard times approached. Eventually a decision was made to share the medicine knowledge freely. Many were healed. Sometimes people must work backward to find out who they are. This can be the job of a Heyoka, but no necessarily. - This probly don't mean anything. I just wanted to tell a story...


I just dropped by to duplicate the following post made at about inaccuracies and how they not only negatively effect the family and friends of Jaco; but, let us consider that any botched biography, especially those which are as insensitive, and sloppy, as Milkowski's proportedly is; that account so-fashioned which pertains to the life of a fellow human being, can leave serious damage: To any family member of any individual, especially the minds of children of any famous person. Anyone dealing with a loss can be effected adversly for life, but children are especially vulnerable.

Writing about history especially regarding the spirit and memory of a soul is very very serious. Years from now, when those who are trying to set the record straight can no longer compete with a printing press, and book distribution, when they give up, what will be left?
A small part of a story which took an unprepared and unwise stranger only days to tell future generations about the life of a good man. Like the newspapers in the days of Custer which fueled hatred for all Indians, including and especially the peaceful Lakota and Dakota Nations; we have been lied to. Holding back the truth, not carefully examining the facts, not telling the whole story, or presenting a part to be confused with the whole, offering no explanation, and having no heart, has the same damaging effect.

I am nobody to judge. I have made my mistakes and will continue to make them, but I will learn from them and try to right the wrongs I have made. Truthfully, I feel pitty for Milkowski. It is a terrible mistake to make. Unfortunately many will have to live with his shortcomings. May have lost time and felt the hurt. Far more go under-informed and mislead, and misinformed. In my visit to the heart of AMERICA I had learned from the wise that we are each responsible for seven generations. Hopefully there will be a balance to the other side... of the scale that is. Hopefully the story of this so-called botched biography will inform writers of their responsibility. There are so many irresponsible writers.

One ting I like about Jazz was that it was safe from the papperazzis and the sensationalist journalists. I am not so sure now. Milkowski talks about how Jazz is changing. If the new popularization of the new jazz, that Milkowski is promoting includes his brand of critique and storytelling, then I will go back to America and hide out with the Indians. This type of journalism hurts the Jazz Music industry because it is a very tight budgeted business, with very sensitive artists. Writers like Milkowski with their big corporate connections can ruin developing and established artists. And, we don't need such doccumentaries. Fortunately, Jazz Is a living art... you can't judge from the eyes of another.

It would surprize me that any self-respecting jazz musician would grant Milkowski an interview, given what he had done, if they were aware of the truth. I am surprised, that somebody with such connections can call himself a Jazz Journalist. That type of reporting and writing is not in line with the consistency of Jazz's heart. It is one thing to be objective, another to be balanced, but what is really bad is that he interviewed and made business connections at a man's wake. That in my book is almost unforgivable but because I am I human being I will not buy his book or go to see a movie based on that book.
And, because I have some sense of wisdom I take pity on him.

I feel that any book, any movie, should be written by the family, friends, and people who played with Jaco Pastorius; as well as those who may have not liked him, or some of the things he did, or his music, to be fair, but directly and not through a third party with a negative onset, and hand to hand information. Any new book or movie should be a time to heal, to bring together in peace all who care to set the record to be straight AND objective, and complete. This would not only be important to the legacy of one man, but an important example to music. There is a sacredness of music and most of those those who are a vehicle of it creation. It is important that ignorance and evil does not inhibit human musical and artistic expression. There must be a line of acceptability which should not be crossed by the writer.

Milkowski would be a great journalist for The National Enquirer, Star, and soap opera magazines, not serious music. This would be a good place to start. And it may pay better. There is no money in Jazz... maybe its better that way?

Drens Remitrom