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Jaco's Fret-Less Hang!

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luna lounge e11 jazz

hello ingrid , im thrilled to find out that your a bowie fan , whats your verdict on alladin sane and the exellent piano of mike garson ? did jaco like bowie ? in the 70`s in london bowie was THE MAN , he was number one and that went without saying . for me bowies right up there with miles davis , they create something so beautiful then throw it away while the fans are left wanting more but its too late they are onto something else . its a great method but your bound to get some disasters like bowies tin machine or miles doo wap . or am i being one of those `i wish he`d done more of...` well i didnt like doo wap . god knows what miles would be doing now . im sad that i blew all my money going to new york in october , i would have loved to have been at the park opening but you cant have everything in life can you ? i put a clip of a trio gig i did last sunday on youtube , its called luna lounge e11 jazz . its not bad , there is also another nice clip of my guitar teacher cedric west playing with joe pass . thats called cedric and joe pass . have a great time at the end of the month . mike .

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