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woody shaw ect

hello ingrid and everyone ,i was just listening to woody shaw on larry youngs blue note lp UNITY . what a classic !! i listen and think that i know im never going to be that good but im glad they were that good !! i think jaco liked woody shaw`s group in the 80`s ??? woody was a jazz genius for sure , he was about 20 when he recorded and wrote some of the tracks on unity . ive been listening to a young bassist from argentina called andre spellican ? i think thats right . great young player .... he`s my friend on so check him out .he has a cool video of him playing `used to be a cha cha` also i just up loaded a live version of dolphin dance and a jam on opus pocus on my space , a sort of jaco tribute ........ i havent been listening to much jaco recently but then watched shadows and light last night and got a kick up the behind . cheers , mike .

Listening To: unity larry young