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Jaco's Fret-Less Hang!

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Jaco's Fret-Less Hang!

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the twins

hello ingrid and everyone.i really love the invitaion clip of julius and felix at the jaco gig last december 09.its given me a much needed kick up the butt ... im just tooooooooo mellow most of the time and hearing the twins smoking ... on fire with butch and parker has inspired me for my gig tomorrow evening . i heard the twins back in 2002 in amsterdam and they were good then but hearing them now is another story , they have really evolved into great players . i wish i could be there one december . ive recently bought a fretless again after 10 years or so , its made by VINTAGE and is a jaco rip off . it cost 200 pounds and plays great . as yet another tribute and to break in the new bass ive recorded some jaco and hendrix numbers . hear a swing version of the chicken at . its in my mellow tone . tomorrow i must get energised ... mike .

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