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Jaco's Fret-Less Hang!

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manglesdorf looks cute in fiorucci

lets vogue !!!!!! i just got a copy of the dvd of the 1976 triologue gig in germany. its a treasure and when i saw it in the hmv store yesterday i begged my friend to buy me it . he did and then took me to a japanese restaraunt to round the evening off !! i felt exited like a teenager to watch this gig . its musically fantastic and i must say im really enjoying the wardrobe choices too . alphonse has a hat that could double as a shopping bag , you could fit 4 pounds of potatoes and a whole chicken in that hat . manglesdorf looks trim and muscular for his age which might have been 40 or so at the time ? and he is wearing some cute fiorucci jeans which were the height of fashion in london in the late 70`s . i have a pair with a 28 in waist which i did breifly fit into , i remember getting them cheap in carnaby street . ive been a 36 waist for the past 18 years so the fiorucci`s will have to stay in the closet . shame . im also digging jaco`s work boots ? and the phili`s cap . i did actually have one of those caps which i bought in phili but later gave it to a kid in jamaica .jaco`s bass sounds really great , it must have been a thrill to have been at that gig and to have heard him for the first time like many in the audience did . a classic concert in jazz history . the cover shot for the dvd looks like ab outake from the 84 guitar player cover ? cheers , mike . dont forget to check out my swinging chicken at .

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