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Jaco's Fret-Less Hang!

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ReTune Nashville

Dear Nashville Music and Art Community:

We are a recently formed Tennessee Non-Profit organization with the goal of helping all of our uninsured musician friends in the industry. The recent flood has left some musicians homeless, without transportation and without the musical gear to continue to work. Many of these people did not have flood insurance and are struggling to rebuild their lives without the necessary assistance.

The lives of our music community were compromised when flood waters overtook key storage areas, performance venues and residences where musical instrument and other gear was stored. Homes were ruined, studios were flooded and innumerable items were damaged that are critical to the artist's livelihoods-many of which are irreplaceable. Today, this community is struggling to overcome the huge loss they are now faced with and many are having to borrow already scarce gear just to make ends meet.

With the help of our music and art community, we plan to take these now silent, water-damaged instruments and give them new life as three-dimensional art creations. The finished masterpieces will be exhibited within the art community in a grand display and then auctioned off to the highest bidder. The funds raised will directly benefit Nashville's working musicians through MusiCares Nashville Flood Relief and The Nashville Musicians Association Flood Relief Fund.

We are asking for flood-damaged musical gear, musical parts (knobs, gears, strings, ect.) or any other damaged items related to the historical culture of Music City. We need these items NOW before they end up in a landfill! We are also in need of artists to help resurrect these instruments into beautiful artwork and sculpture. We need volunteers, sponsorship and partnerships to help us with this project that will benefit our friends and neighbors in need.

Thank you in advance for your participation. Together, we can bridge Nashville's music and art communities to help those in need and to celebrate the city's kindness, creativity, history, and resilience.

Very truly yours,
Sheri Oneal
Founder- Chair