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double fantasy remastered

hello ingrid and all cats , i recently got a copy of the newly remixed [by yoko ono] DOUBLE FANTASY cd by john lennon and yoko ono . its really outstanding stuff , yoko has stripped away all the bv`s and horns,synths ect and kept in johns rap with the band ect . it sounds like a rough mix of the album before all the overdubs/sweetening , and it also sounds really fresh and new . you get a second cd of the original album so no loss and sean lennon has done a pencil drawing of his mum and dad for the album cover , a drawing of the original sleeve . i love the whole thing , tony levin is on bass and there is even some really nice fretless which sounds not very jaco ... although how can you play fretless and not think jaco ? tony has that flanged sound i think , very 80`s . this album really takes me back to the december when john got taken away and we all went lennon/beatles mad at school . i was 13 , nearly 14 and was strumming beatles songs every day . there was a kid a year younger at school who had a mop top and would go crazy singing twist and shout on request every morning at school !!! go on , sing it ... sing it !! tony levin played on paul simons ONE TRICK PONY not long after those days .. 83 ? ive always had a deep respect for tony since hearing those records . i also remember anthony jackson playing with paul simon on HEARTS AND BONES which featured a song about john lennon , a tribute . hearing tony and anthony with paul simon and lets not forget the famous simon and garfunkel concert in central park from this tme was almost as good as hearing jaco with joni mitch . do folk singers still employ jazz vituoso bassists ? ive uploaded a nice version of equinox with the nags head band on youtube if you fancy . equinox nags head band . cheers and happy new year , mike .

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