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Weather Report Live in Berlin 1975

Hi Ingrid, everything smooth? Look what I've picked up on
Not with Jaco offcourse, but something to look forward to. Didn't see it here, thought I let y'all know.

"According to recent press releases, producer Joachim Becker–known to Zawinul fans as the producer of most of Joe’s post-Columbia Records output–has teamed up with the MiG Music to form “Art of Groove,” a new addition to the MiG family.

Among its first releases will be a Weather Report DVD/CD combo, Live In Berlin 1975. The press release describes it as, “the first part of the long-awaited Weather Report live-trilogy will be published as a DVD with bonus CD at the same time. The 40th anniversary of the founding of Weather Report is in 2011. In commemoration, the Zawinul estate and ‘Art of Groove’ are pleased to publish the original tape-recording of the super-band’s performance at the Berliner Jazztage 1975 for the first time.”

I don’t know what the rest of the “long-awaited Weather Report live-trilogy” is, although before his passing Joe did tell me that he had acquired the rights to the 1984 concert video “Domino Theory,” which was originally published in Japan.

Meanwhile, Live In Berlin 1975 is listed on various European sites such as Amazon UK."

Tracklisting 1 Freezing Fire 08: 21 2 Scarlet Woman 08: 43 3 Mysterious Traveller 04: 48 4 Badia / Boogie Woogie Waltz 19: 44

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Re: Weather Report Live in Berlin 1975

Fan-tastic! THANK YOU! Will pass it on.

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Re: Weather Report Live in Berlin 1975

i´m wishing for the release of the Playboy Jazz Festival show from 1981. I´ve seen a short clip in Youtube some time ago, i´m sure they filmed the entire show:) I have an audience recording and that show was great

let´s wait and see:)

Re: Weather Report Live in Berlin 1975

Also the full show from havana march 1979 !!!!