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Jaco's Fret-Less Hang!

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Jaco's Fret-Less Hang!

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A friend of mine lives in Ft. Lauderdale. I talked to him recently about the Mural. He likes it. I saw the pics of the 1st Mural and the one that is now on the building. I like the large painting (2nd mural) but I'm not sure about the one where Jaco is holding his bass with his knee up. The face just doesn't look quite right. Of the pics I saw of the old mural - the idea was very good but at least one of the paintings of Jaco was not all that correct. Of course this is my opinion but I do have a little bit of an art background. I think the best thing would have been a combination of the two.
Doing a large mural can't be easy. I have never done one. I have to give credit to the new mural in that the task of doing a large painting like that takes some seriuos talent. I bet it took a long time.

Re: Mural

Thank goodness we have the right to individual choice and opinion! :o)

Yes, there is always going to be what someone else considers to be "the best thing", and even the most amazing artist doesn't always do it "all that correct", which is the beauty of art, it isn't always about being correct, it is about expression and the feeling it brings, just like music..Miles built a career on that. Can't please every person. One of my favorite paintings hanging in the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam is of one where he corrected the painting in one area so many times, it wasn't salvageable, he never finished it, but it said so much to me.

I don't think it is about which one was better, difficult call when it comes to art, the first one was not finished, which should have been, and the artwork that had gone into that one before it was white-washed when no one was watching was an enormous amount of work. It is definitely easier to paint using a photo, making a grid over that photo and then painting each square one by one as the second mural was done, so it actually took a short time. Regardless, I am so happy something is there, any or either mural is great. I simply have a problem with how the first artist was treated, sadly it was about the usual control, and using corporate stance to do away with a person, just because they can..... that's all, it's the same attitude that was reflected on the forum, and during the naming of the Park. It's just so extremely sad many projects about Jaco that are touched by "the naked king" have this icky feeling.

But none of it should stand in the way of enjoying the Park, and continue the excitement of how many more ways there are to express how one feels about Jaco and his music.

For instance...a commemorative postage stamp for Jaco!

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