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Jaco's Fret-Less Hang!

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Mural 2

One thing I never quite liked about art is what I call the "Art Snobs". They dismiss things out of hand to further their agendas and they have that kind of power. It's kind of like the thing with bands I experianced back in the 70's and 80's. Bands just didn't like each other. They'd mess you over if they could like it was some big competition they had to win. It's not like that so much now from what I can see.
I was turned off by the competition and snobbery I experianced when I tried to get a small gallery going to sell my stuff. There were other galleries around and they didn't want any competition. Some of the stuff they were pushing was fad based junk too. But I guess someone thought it was great stuff. If you like macaroni glued to canvas. Whatever.

I was aware of the mural when it was first being painted and I read alot about it and it turned into the snob thing so I just lost interest. Too much back and forth opinions ( and everyone has one). I feel sorry for the first artist getting messed over. I can identify with that.

I love to paint and have been doing it for a long time but I really don't try to get into the art world. I don't call myself an Artist. I think that is reserved for someone else. I'm more of a bass player anyway.