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some questions!

hey Ingrid!,

greetings from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK!

I saw Jaco performing here twice with WR in 1977 and 1978 and have fantastic memories of both shows!

Couple of things I'd love to know:

Do you think the video footage taken at The Playboy Jazz festival will ever surface and allow us to see it. I know it actually exists and the show is also referred to as being a "killer!!!"

Who plays the hammond solo on the Word of Mouth version of Three Views of a Secret?

Does any audio or video footage exist of Jaco playing sax? Only thing I've come across is his very early recording of the chicken, is there anything else?

Many thanks

Neil Ramshaw

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Re: some questions!

Hello Neil,

I wish I could tell you the Playboy Jazz vid will surface, I have no way of knowing. Nor have I seen or heard about Jaco playing sax on a recording, aside from the one you mentioned.

Jaco played the Hammond setting on the keyboard on WOM.

Please let me know if you ever run across any of those vids you're looking for.

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Re: some questions!

Ingrid, There's an English contemporary arts programme called The South Bank show thats been on TV for as long as I can remember.

They dedicated a whole show to WR back in 1983. I saw a short clip of this recently on either YouTube, Daily Motion or something similar.

Although Victor Bailey was in the band by then, they obviously referenced Jaco and there was a short clip of Jaco with WR at that Playboy jazz fest gig. That's my proof for knowing it exists I just hope that someone with the power let's us see it!!

Neil Ramshaw
Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Listening To: Mysterious Mountain

Re: some questions!

That is awesome to know, Neil! Thank you, my ears and eyes will be open for it! :))