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Jaco's Fret-Less Hang!

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Merry Christmas from Jaco

Man, I know Christmas is over but he is a link to Merry Christmas, Jaco live at the Lone Star on December the 21st in 1985. Keep it simple, play a nice song, and have a bass solo! I think the singer says to Jaco, "hit it dude". With Jaco it's music, not a workout. Just listen to how he supports the vocal, and he swings a little here and there, and more......

Listening To: Jaco History Live in NY

Re: Merry Christmas from Jaco

So sweet...these recordings are precious.... that is Hiram Bullock singing, Jerry Gonzalez on trumpet, Delmar Brown on keys, and Kenwood Dennard on drums. Hiram often would say during those performances: "Hit it Jaco".