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Jaco's friend Melton Mustafa's Fight For Life

Melton Mustafa, our beloved brother, friend, father, grandfather, gifted teacher, spiritual leader who happens to be a world renowned Jazz Trumpeter is in great need of our help now. He is faced with the Fight of his Life but he's not giving up. He's been battling a rare form of cancer that now requires a much more aggressive form of treatment. Unfortunately, insurance companies require a much larger co-payment that must be paid prior to treatment. Melton Mustafa has quietly fought this cancer while enduring the recession with everyone else. He is a man with great faith in G-d. He is a very humble spirit with an enormous amount of love, compassion and commitment to humanity. He uses his musical gifts and talents to teach students of all ages how to hone their skills and further develop them. He never hesitates to help others raise funds for various needs by performing benefit concerts.If his health permitted him to; I am sure he'd perform his own benefit concert to raise funds for his medical bills. Through G-d's many blessings bestowed upon him, he has always been able to foot his own bills. We are now calling on the community at large....he really needs our help!!! So dear friends, family, supporters, past and present students, mentees, colleagues, fellow musicians....please give whatever you can afford. If you know his great works within the community; you know that our many underserved youth really need him. If you have ever watched his students perform at Florida Memorial know that the students of tomorrow really need him. He's a teacher in so many different areas of life that I'd run out of words trying to express it. Melton Mustafa would never want to cause any hardship or create burdens for others. So as a supporter, student and friend...I am humbly appealing to you all with the loudest mouthpiece I can muster up within me....PLEASE CONTRIBUTE FAST! You can directly donate here or/and you can buy some of his CD's in the store we have set up on this site. (Even if you already have the CD' it as a gift for a loved one or Jazz enthusiast.)You can post this website on your Facebook page and solicit funds for him as well. If it's the will of our One Creator, we will help our beloved brother win the Fight of his Life. Nothing is too small to give on this site. Whether its $1, $5, $10, $20 $100.....we know that it's filled with Love. Even if you cannot give monetarily, please include him in your prayers. We thank you in advance for your contributions and support. May G-d continue to bless you all and keep your spirits high and keep you healthy. More about Melton Mustafa's professional career and community life: join this facebook group-Friends of Melton Mustafa!/groups/282007678482907/

Please like this facebook page-"Melton Mustafa's Fight For Life":!/pages/Melton-Mustafas-Fight-for-His-Life/171288002947760


Born: November 23, 1947 Instrument: Trumpet

Melton S. Mustafa

Trumpeter, Composer/Arranger, Educator, Clinician International Recording Artist

Melton has recorded and toured with the Count Basie Orchestra, Bobby Watson, Jaco Pastorius, Charles Mingus Epitaph Big band among many others. Mustafa has released three CD's entitled MELTON MUSTAFA ORCHESTRA “Boiling Point”, MELTON MUSTAFA ORCHESTRA “St. Louis Blues,” and Mustafa’s Jazz Quartet’s new CD is entitled (The Softer Side, scenes from Miami vol.1)

The Melton Mustafa Orchestra is a powerhouse orchestra in the Basie tradition, rooted in swing and blues, though also featuring bebop, modal and Afro-Cuban flavors. The Melton Mustafa Quartet and sometimes quintet, focuses mostly on original compositions and incorporates many jazz styles ranging from blues to free-jazz.

Most of the trumpeter's early musical experiences came from working in local R&B bands and then later with regional and nationally known R&B artists. By the mid-eighties, Melton's growing reputation had spread throughout the jazz world and he found himself working with the likes of The Duke Ellington Orchestra (under Mercer Ellington's direction), Bobby Watson, James Williams, John Hicks and Gunther Schuller.

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