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TWO Jaco Birthday Parties, his 60th!

Every year, for the past 12 years I wait till the last minute before arranging a party for Jaco, solely because I want to see if there is an officially generated event, but there never is, the only one ever was not to commemorate his Birth, but to "celebrate" his passing 20 years prior. And how appropriate for the organizer to celebrate that particularly, no one would know who he was if Jaco were still alive.

SO this year there are:


First one:


November 30 at The Zinc Bar:


Next one:

FOR the FLORIDIANS and whomever wants to fly over:

Sunday DECEMBER 4 at The Funky Biscuit, Boca Raton

One word to whet your appetite.... B3

oh..and since this is a party of people getting together who care about Jaco, like any party, it is an opportunity to jam, so bring your axes...the only requirement is "leave the ego at the door"...and let's have some fun remembering Jaco!

Re: TWO Jaco Birthday Parties, his 60th!

Hi Ingrid,

Just to let you know that there is a Jaco's 60th anniversary issue of Bassiste (in French, bien sur):
Not much new in it, though, but nice to have: An article about his songs, an article about the bass of doom and, interesting, an interview with Michel Hatzigeorgiou.

Best regards,

PS this is a very nice photographic overview/clip about Jaco, on the music of Havona:

Listening To: Havona

Re: TWO Jaco Birthday Parties, his 60th!

Thanks J-phile :)

If anyone knows of any others, please list here or let me know, need to put it out there.