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Walking, Jogging, Running or Racing This Weekend?

If so, we want to know about it! Take a few minutes to share your accomplishments, experiences and your results with the iCn community.

Re: Walking, Jogging, Running or Racing This Weekend?

every weekend
i walk 20-30 miles a day

Not just walking on flat areas..
However also up from sea level
to 320 ft above sea level
down the other side

then the rip back home again
So in the course of my 7.5 to 10 hour walk
i wind up walking up a total of 640+ ft above sea level and back down

I went from 400+ lbs
to now 278 lbs

( it took me about 14 months )

Now that a bridge i use is closed to walking across
and that is will soon be getting cold again ( )

I likely will return to 5 days a weel of 12 to 18 miles a day