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Mugshot photo, lol

I took these photos in a booth at the Harbor Mall a couple of days after using hair relaxer for the first time. This was a set of 3 photos, but I gave one of them to my friend Bill because I didn't like it. Evidently he and Creeden are now using that photo to slander and defame me once again claiming it is a mugshot photo.

Now he also claims I was just short of being charged as a "sex offender", yet another (very serious) accusation (lie). He posts photos of drugs and guns (police evidence) that were supposedly mine and makes outrageous claims, yet here I am, a voting, collecting government disability payments, never been incarcerated for anything, free man. All these photos and claims yet he never ever posts the police reports of mine that he claims to have.

You're a piece of **** Creeden! These lies are going to cost you and Bill. It's obvious that you two are working in collusion to defame me and when it happens it's both of you that are going to pay for it. STOP making up these complete and utter nonsense lies you fools. No good will come of it at all.

Bill, shame on you for stooping to such a level at all. You have nothing negative that is truthful so you just continue to make up these absolute blatant, rubbish lies. Shame on both of you maggots.

When I was in Alabama, I lived at my brothers house with my two young nieces for a month and for you guys to now start claiming I'm some kind of pervert sex offender is totally uncalled for. I don't know why my brother continues to even want to talk to Bill at all with you guys slinging all these **** lies.

As far as the gay stuff... no, sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not. However, Bill and I have good friends in common (Rachel B., Kirk, etc.) that are gay and unless Bill is looking to alienate a couple of more friends I suggest you refrain from talking about gay people in a negative way you homophobe.

Floyd, since they claim that I am working for you is there some way for your lawyers to involve me in this suit so that I can get some compensation for all these lies? If not, maybe one of them could at least refer me to a cheap/free attorney. Or is this something that can only be handled in small claims (in which case I don't think an attorney is allowed). Any help would be appreciated. These guys are just begging for it now.

Harbor Mall Photo Booth

Re: Mugshot photo, lol

the photo Creeden claims if from my mugshot, lol. Photobucket

Re: Mugshot photo, lol

John et al,

It's becoming more and more apparent to me that Creeded simply craves attention. For that short period that he was actually being ignore, his own blog postings became even more inflammatory, including homophobic and racist. I and others have complained to blogspot, but apparently they either don't check that e-mail account or just don't give a ****.

Anyway, no one cares what Creeden posts, you need to understand that as you are a consistent target. I looked at that photo (there are no curtains in booking rooms) and didn't give it a second thought, besides your 80's glasses, which were pretty funny.

Seriously, sue him or forget it. It's not worth even acknowledging.


Re: Mugshot photo, lol


Just ignore the guy. It's not worth your time.

Mike S

Re: Mugshot photo, lol

Mugshots???? Cops must be doing it hard if they need to use a public photo

Also, when the cops put you in there John they neglected to give you the card with all the relevent, height, etc.....

Re: Mugshot photo, lol

Just a thought John, using Photoshop on the pc I'll get a pic of the Kennedy assassination in 1963 and put you with your long hair on top of the grassy knoll with an AK 47, or even a shooter from Men in Black. I'll even do one of you in the famous chariot scene from Ben hur, Heston's body...your head...

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