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Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

Creeden continually reaches new levels of low of the term scum bag.

He had this to say about my wife:
"Barron Shepperd is a little ***** who has no balls, and when he has sex with his wife she secretly thinks of me , lol " Hey Barron you get that Gi tailored"

He obviously thinks he is being cute by bringing my wife yet again into this. This only proves that he is no better than the dog sh it I accidently step in from time.

My only repsonse to the slime bag is this:

"When are you going to be man enough to step in the ring".

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

I am going to repost this from the fallriver tired fantsy thread, I do not want it to be missed.

To date Creeden is the only one has gotten any money from me. But yet he has yelled from the highest mountain tops that I stole from him.

He also continually states that all are trying to cash in on Dante when yet again he is the only one who has been paid money. He got paid a 1000.00 dollars and there is proof of it.

The flyers and crap of Dante back in the day is not worth anything and never has been. In Creeden's diluted mind and constant need for attentiion he continually makes things up. No one especially me would have paid such a ludicrous amount for Flyers and photocopies of old Karate magazine articles (there were about 6 articles in total) when the old magazines can be picked up off of ebay from any where betweem 12 and 20 dollars. There again more lies. Apparently Creeden thinks no one can figure this out.

At 5am when fat boy Creeden is typing away on his keyboard I am training then I go to work, in the after noon after work I train from 6pm to 8:30pm.

I am training a young mma fighter Edson Berto who just recently lost his title on "Showtimes Elite XC" back in January. About a month ago I began working with him in his bid to regain his title. His next fight will be on Showtime in August.

There again Creeden has absolutely no idea who he is talking about.

Edgell has blown your claims of any legitimate rank out of the water. Not only exposed you but the whole fall river lineage B.S. that you so seeming love to rant and rave about. You guys are the ones who have worked the "good ole boy system" to dynamic proportions.

Your rantings of my being in business with Ashida Kim is again proof of your obvious stupidity. If there was anything that would have indicated that he and I were in business the judge would not have thrown it out in court.

Do you actually think that when Aquiar made the accusation to the Judge, that Wendy was Ashida's internet service provider, that he did not have that information setting in front of him, proving that Aquiar's claim was a lie.

As the thread suggests, it is a tired fantasy of Fallriver to be something more than what they are. Your childish attacks on people who are obviously legitimate martial artist are derived from your petty jealousy of the one's who have actually done something besides sit on thier lazy asses and drink beer, telling "nam" stories.

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is


I understand the way that you feel. However, you should just ignore the guy. He is not worth your time or effort.

Mike S

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

Mike, this is indicative of the man's character. He is a cowardly low life lying indidvidual.

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

Mike, in all sincerity I know that you are right. Creeden is an indivdual who has nothing to do with his da than to cruise the net and go to the different blog and sites.

I know that he frequents mine on a daily basis in an attempt to find something or someway that he and Aquair can extort money from me. My attorney was told that even if they only wanted 10 cents that I was not going to give it to them.

I am sure that he was extremely disappointed when my book came out and it was on Legendary wrestler Frank Gotch and not Count Dante. As I am sure he will be disappointed when my 2nd and 3rd books come out that I am also working on.

One of which is on the man who trained Frank Gotch and started amatuer wrestling in this country Martin Farmer Burns.

My second is on "Koga ryu Ninjutsu: Research of its history to the present". NO IT IS NOT ABOUT ASHIDA KIM nor does it endorse anyone. It is not an instructional book but rather a documentary on the controversial Koga ryu ninjutsu and if it did actually survive into present times. I am sure it will blow the lid off of some peoples claims. But that is not the light of which I intend it. I am simply trying to dig for the truth.

I am bouncing back and forth between the two as well as juggling everything else so I can not speculate on when they will be done or which one will be completed first.

My first book is doing well and I just sold a copy of it as I was typing this entry.

I have gotten long winded but I guess the point I was trying to make is that I am too busy to let myself be distracted by Creeden's antics and probably should not let myself be. So much for a rainy day.

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is


I agree, he needs to be the center of attention and wants to get under everyones skin. It's just not worth it any more. No matter what anyone says he has an answer for it. I've got more important things to deal with.

Mike S

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

The only way to get rid of an unwanted influence is to ignore it.

That being said anyone who would attack a man's family verbally or otherwise is the lowest form of life there is. An apology to Wendy and Barron Shepard are in order. A real man would offer such an apology, but then a real man would not have made the insult in the first place.

Verne Gilbert

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

An apology from a low life dog is not accepted in any way shape or form. Rabid dogs are meant to be put down.

This guy back in December agreed to fight me in the ring and even got bullshido riled up to film it then had the audacity NOT TO SHOW UP. I showed up and I had a match any way. The real ***** ass wannabe exposed himself back then. So Creeden fu ck you.

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

Creeden is aware that his 15 minutes are up. No one really cares what he says. He is desparate and is grasping at old lies that remain lies.

He will never man up and give anyone any kind of satisfaction so we should all just continue to not react to anything he says. Easy for me to say definitely.

But it has got to be quite sobering to realize if he EVER turns up to any martial arts events he may not receive the kind of reception befitting his megalomaniacal attitude. I have been told he has not been to a martial arts event in over 25 years anyway.
It is all bluster and bluff.

Ignore the guy, please.

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

He runs his mouth and yet has absolutely nothing to back it up.

He will never step in the ring yet he talks complete trash about the ones who do.

His only skill it seems when he prys his lips off Aquiar's ass is running his mouth on the net.

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

What Creeden doesnt seem to understand is that friendships and trust are formed with individuals with whom you work with.

Berto had asked me years ago to work with his fighter's and I did. Now I have been asked to help his son. It is an honor. But Creeden knows nothing of honor or what it means when some one puts his trust in you. People approach me and do that.

You see what fall river has done. NOTHING.

He speaks ill of I fighter who had the guts to step in front of a crowd of people and compete. Yet Creeden stays behind his computer in his little hole and hides.

And I mean literally hides. His great battles and experiences are all in the recesses of his own mind. He is unable to become that which he so admires by accomplishment, so instead he tries to put others who have accomplished down to attain attention and status because his own works are simply not good enough. He falls short as a martial artist and mostly as a human being. This has always been so I am sure.

Creeden your lies have caught up with you long ago your many stories and different angles you have tried to work to extort money have not worked. My story has not changed from day one. The ties and the conspiracy you try to claim is there, simply are not.

You want my wife and I in court roll the dice and take your chances. No one here is afraid or threatened. We are simply waiting.

This I will say I have put up with you making threats to my wife for the absolute last time. You have done now on three occassions you wanted a case number then I will give you one.

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

Creeden, one last thing. Who does your fighting for you?
You complain about my best is training a fighter who is a friend.

What happened to ya in dec? Answer: NO SHOW

If I am not a martial artist, or an Ashida croonie or a fake or if I had a bad heart and you were this guy so skilled, then what was the problem?
I think I know.
Answer: NO HEART


We got a saying in the south."GO HUMP SOMEONE ELSES LEG."

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

There again you prove beyond a shadow of a doubt what a low life scum bag you really are by yet again threatening my wife.

You actually think you have a chance of winning any type of case with threats sent via the internet for all to see. You think that a judge is going to look at you favorably. Do you think any one looks at you with respect at all. You are man threatening a woman publically for all to see.

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

Creeden is a total loser. Barron mentions he is training a fighter and Creeden posts an "exclusive" flyer from a MA match he went to in January. What a joke. He is obviously suffering from extreme jealousy.

For one thing I love how he brags that he could break a 150 pound man in half, yet he doesn't even show up to the match he challenged Barron to. That's a forfeit... a loss. He has never actually fought Barron, yet he technically already lost against him, lol. I wonder how proud of him his daddy would be if he knew his son was making challenges and not keeping them.

Then he keeps wanting to sex Barron's wife. But, Barron don't be too angry. It's obvious that he doesn't have his own woman and I think he is getting tired of sexing himself... and maybe Aguiar? He is stalking your wife over the Internet and it is seems that he is a possible sex offender or will be one shortly. Besides, isn't wives and families one of the things that he says his mafia buddies "leave alone". Does he think that his mafia friends approve of him harassing another mans wife? Does he think they would approve of him challenging someone to fight and then not showing up?

I also love how he laughs at you training your friends son and says "big deal". Well Creeden, while Barron is in Showtime with his fighter, you will still be sitting behind your computer talking crap and looking at porn. What have you done lately loser?

He thinks he is untouchable... so did Al Capone. He has already threatened to steal Floyd's movie and Barron's book... doesn't he get it, that's a federal crime. I hope he is stupid enough to actually do it. Prosecuting him will be no problem as he admitted his plans online. In fact, I wouldn't wait for the movie to be finished... I'd call the FBI now.

I love how he claims to have sold 412 copies already. I guess if he is selling them so fast than Floyd's movie must be more popular than Creeden is claiming it is. One day it's a movie full of lies that no one will want to see and he's calling film festivals to discredit it, the next day he's selling over 400 copies. What a joke.

Lay off the beer Creeden. It's really not doing you any good.

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

they did not have the ambition, knowledge or talent to do anything of thier own.

They have proven thru there own poorly executed con that they dont even have legal ownership to any of Dante's materials.

Aquiar trying to get the probate office to add the copyrights to his dad's will was a stupid move and by doing that he brought attention to himself on what he was trying to pull. The judge called him on it.

Creeden can claim what he wants it is obvious he has no clue as to what happened in court. Aquiar was told that he had no case against me with what he had and that if he pursued the cost of it would be incurred by him. Creeden wants to speak as if he was there. He wasnt niether were his so called 150 supporters that he once claimed was going to be there.

I am predicting that Aquiar is going to be stuck with some legal fees when the judge rules on this. It will not be in his favor.

He believed Creeden's lies about me and Ashida and stolen film footage. He also beleived that Wendy was Ashida internet service provider. He said so before the Judge when the judge questioned him as to why my wife was included on the filing. The judge thru it out because he had the evidence presented to him.

By the way everyones IP addresses were presented and there is clearly no connection there. That was one of the first things that I presented to my lawyer when Creeden on the old count dante blog claimed our Ip,s were the same as Ashida Kim's.

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

Evansville police dept. 08-02014

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

I am sitting here and am just in total awe of the depths of lies and deciet that Creeden goes to. He has his own spin on things. No doubt due to the fact that he or Aquiar obviously have no understanding of the judges rulings.

Example, Aquiar was told when the judge thru out the case againsy my self and Wendy that if he continued with his action as far as we were concerned that he could incurr legal fess. There again if there was even a hint of inpropiety it would not have been dismissed.

In a filing prepared by Aquiar weeks ago he yet again brings my name up in court. With the same old baseless accusations. Which goes against what the judge has already ruled on. I am sure that since he seems to pay no heed nor has no understanding of the legal process that the judge will rule unfavorably on that particular filing.

Creeden endless rants of his martial art superiority are comedic and laughable at best. He rants that he could take Showtime's Elite XC's former title holder and break him in half. What a laugh. First and foremost he would NOT last a minute in that particular arena.

He is so out of touch with the martial arts and reality that he may as well be on Mars. His petty jealousy of another's success knows no bounds. I have done my work and put my time in and paid my dues soley on my own merits.

I do not need the dead legacy of a B. S. martial artist who evidently was probably at best a legitimate 2nd degree black belt. Some say he made some good contributions. maybe so. But you can sprinkle powdered sugar over a turd but it is still a turd.

As I have stated before I am sure that Creeden was upset that when my book come out it had nothing to do with Dante or Ashida or the BDFS. I am sure that his petty childish rage boils over to the breaking point when he sees that I am training someone who is actually seen on a large venue such as showtime. Jealous of the fact that some one has stepped out and took chances to make things happen. That is how things get done hard work and ambition not pulling a con or attempting to extort money from some one.

I have no respect for fall river or Dante's legacy. the only good thing dante did was make an impression on a man who tries to honor thru film.

Fallriver's only intention has been to perpetuate the lies and false hood of Dante. It has been proven now in my mind that he was not of the rank others make him out to be. Thanks to Edgell's letter to Floyd he shed some light on what went on with Dante and fallriver.

I am sure Creeden's father has no idea of the lies that his son perpetuates. By his father's own admission Dante was at fall river for a short time and then returned to Chicago. Some people in fall river may have been the last ones Dante promoted but they were not his only ones. As Creeden so frequently claims.

What Floyd is digging for is the truth and Aquiar does not want that truth told because the truth is not what fall river claims.

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

Creeden post what you want you ass wipe.

You obviously have no idea what went on. You bring books up that have more to do with Berto that A.K.
Those are Berto's books. Not Ashida's. But there again take me to court. I am waiting.

Ashida is not or never has been owned by me. Nor do we have any business arrangements. Nor do I have any accounts on youtube. But go ahead you fat piece of dung keep making accusations.

I sent you tube a complaint about those people and accounts that you claimed I owned. But go ahead keep using that example. Got emails to youtube to prove it. Which by the way my lawyer has too.

The only stuff I endorse is what is on my site. And my endorsement is for Berto. I can not help who he went to to get his book done. That book was done before I met or even knew Berto. Those are his ties to Ashida you sh it sack. I deal strictly with berto on his books not A. k. or dojo press.

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

Creeden if you met me in the street you would soil yourself.

Keep telling your lies and living out your fantasy of being a great martial artist. Have nt seen nothing from you but talk, coward. Trying your best to yet again tie me in with Ashida Kim. There is nothing there ass wipe. But keep going.

There is no ownership or partnership or business arrangement with the man. This is old and tired. If some thing was there it would nt have been thrown out of court. Why dont you post the court filings where I make those statements to the judge.

You say the movie is about Ashida Kim. I say he will be lucky to get about 20 to 30 seconds in the documentary. Floyd has interviewed a sh it load of people. But if you actually knew anything about the filmaking world you would know this.

You ran your mouth on the net about fighting me until someone called you on it. I was willing to keep quiet about it but you kept going then finally you got exposed and someone mentioned that you did nt show up. Now your running around trying to figure out some way to do your damage control. There is nothing you can do to explain that away. YOU made that grandiose stand on bullshido. Then folded up like a lawn chair.

Your a self destructive person you hurt yourself and those around you. You cannot help yourself it is in your nature. You are mad at the world for not giving you your due. But you dont realize you have to work to attain it.

When an opportunity presents itself you are unable to take advantage of it. Your fear of not measuring up is to great.

You got a lottery mentality you think all you got to do is get lucky and manna will fall from the sky. Your attempts at extortion didn't work. You failed to realize I will go to the ends of the earth and to hell and back to protect what is mine.

You did not show you got Browning all fired up to film the match and you chickened out. Now you want a no holds barred match you want to do it in the street you have no intentions of meeting me any where.

Face to face mano-e-mano is not your style. Never has been. You are in one word a wanna be. you have never done anything because you lack ability, motivation and drive.

You want to steal my books. Guess you dont have the knowledge to do work of your own. So you have to steal some one elses.

I got no problems meeting you any where. Your the one who seemingly is unwilling to do it. You did nt show back then and you want show any where now.

Your a joke. I mention that I am training a fighter who fights on show time and you post an entry about going and WATCHING a tournament. Geuss that is your speed.


By the way my phone rang yesterday and I may be working with a stunt company training their stunt people. Guys life is great.

They say success is the best revenge.

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

Gotta love how Creeden is now saying that he wanted an alley fight again. I remember very distinctly him saying that before. I remember Barron accepting. Then I remember Creeden changing his mind and saying that he wanted a sanctioned match in a ring so that he wouldn't be able to hurt Barron too badly. So Barron said OK again and that's the fight that Creeden didn't show for.

Now he is saying that he wanted the alley fight after all. Well why the hell did he accept a ring match? He is obviously full of crap. It doesn't matter where a match would be held, he won't show anyhow. Everyone here knows it. Creeden, you already lost when you made a match and didn't show. You lost, period!

He also says he wanted to fight Asshida with $50,000. Lol, like that fool ever saw 50K at once in his life. Give me a break. He has 50K, yet he can't even afford to send Barron back his $1,000? Refunding that money would result in him getting back his film footage, yet he would rather keep the cash and then complain that Barron still has the footage. Duh!

Congrats on your recent good fortune Barron. Once again you are doing good and successful things with your life while the super smart Creeden sits on his butt all day reinventing the English language on the Internet. Yeah, he is going to go far too, lol. Pathetic.

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

Creeden you idiot. If my forum is "locked", how are you reading these posts you **** idiot. The forum is NOT locked. Your brain is locked!

As far as Aubre goes, leave he out of this. You NEVER met her. Do you think that just because I don't live in MA anymore that we aren't still in contact. Ever hear of email? I've known this girl for almost as long as I've known Bill. You really are stupid, stupid!

By the way... tell Bill that he should be prepared to lose Aubre as a friend altogether. After I tell her that you are now not only slandering me, you are slandering her too she isn't going to be very happy. Aubre does not and has NEVER done any drugs. Not even pot! Aubre isn't going to like that accusation very much at all.

As far as me being a cripple Mr. Electrocution, weren't you in the military? How many of your fellow service members are now crippled because of this Iraq war? I'm sure that they are all gonna love you for insulting cripples. Why don't you go to the local Vet hospital and tell them that they are all cripples? You'll make friends real quick I'm sure. That's what makes people question your military service, cause if you were you would know that making fun of cripples is something you shouldn't be doing. I think you were in the military, but I know that you never saw combat. I think that you were dishonorably discharged before combat ever happened or you would know better. You once said that there was a handful of BDFS members is Iraq right now... you gonna call them cripples too if it doesn't go well for them?

As far as 4 yrs freshman... hahaha, I can spell! You can't! Guess it was a good thing! You should have tried it and maybe you would be able to spell too you moronic, reprehensible idiot.

50K my butt you lying piece of turd! Keep dreaming!

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

Hey Creeden quit talking and tap me on the shoulder. Pu ssy

Heart problems huh? well I guess the physical I had to pass to fight back in december kind of exposes that statement as another lie.

Doubt very seriously you are in W. H. you couldn't pry your lips from Aquiar's di ck that long.

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

Gotta love how he claims to have seen your med records which is impossible. It's just amazing how many endless lies he tells. Lie, after lie, after lie. Even the FBI wouldn't be able to see your med records without a court order. Who does he think his uneducated ass is fooling?

Pinocchio your not James Bond, you can't do the impossible! Stop lying. You're really embarrassing yourself.

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

It has become quite apparent Creeden is content with continually sitting on his lazy fat ass and running his mouth from his keyboard.

He obviously has no intentions of fighting me anywhere. His only ability is to talk sh it.

Now that I have presented him with a police report and case number he has left his comments concerning my wife to presumably repeating what he claims Billy says.

I have entertained this crap for the last time. He isnt man enough to put up or shut up. He is under the delusion that people just automatically except what he says as truth. This will be my last post concerning the no talent big mouthed Creeden.

His childish attacks on myself and my family display the true nature of his character. He is a piece of sh it

His constant rants are now falling on deaf ears. I will not pay him any more heed. NOr will I make any more posts after today.

I honestly hope that one day he will attempt to make good on his threats. I am looking forward to the day that hopefully he will somewhere stand in front of me.

Fallriver bdfs has along history of threatening people via the internet from Ashida Kim to the Rocking Count Dante out in california to Felkoff and Day plus others. This as it seems has been going on for years. Everyone knows they are nothing but talk. But that is all they are capable of. Taking credit for thier fathers accomplishmens will only get them so far. Their threats mean nothing.

Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is

Creeden, Take me to court. You have already stated that you were behind the phone calls, remember. I belive you said you put the dixie boys up to it. Can you spell ACCESSARY.

My attorney has every statement you have made on your blog, bullshido and Billy's old blog. Including the threat to my wife and now a police report you want the case number again? So lets go.

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