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Creeden and Aguiar do not represent Fall River

Them two fags, Billy "Grand Braggin" Aguiar and John"the *******" Creeden do not represent Fall River. They are stupid and need a foot up both their sorry asses.

We know they do not have a school. When it was open they spent more time looking drugs than teaching martial arts.

These guys are well- known here for being ****ups. Their only claim to fame is "our dads knew Count Dante" like we give a ****.

Fall River denies these ****ups. Some of us even wonder if they are ******* or something. Some people will do anything for Drugs you know.

If I made any typos it is from reading too much of their innance childish posts. If I see one of them on the street, I will subject them both to a dose of laugh-fu, chuckling and laughing at their big fat used to be martial artists asses.

Re: Creeden and Aguiar do not represent Fall River

Oh yeah we here what great martial artist they are. We here it only from them, but we hear it.

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