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The 7500.00

Creeden has ranted about 7500.00 that I supposedly paid patricio. In one of Creeden's early emails to me about the film footage he had mentioned that Floyd had paid John 2500.00 dollars for the so called exclusive flyers.

Since then his story has changed from floyd paying Patricio the 2500.00 to me paying him 7500.00. SO the amount and who paid has some how amazingly changed and increased.

Creeden in all honesty your lies are old and worn out. You got your grand and ran. You are the only one who has profitted from the documentary. You are the one who cashed in, no one else did or has.

You had an opportunity back then to do something and you blew it. It is no secret that you wanted to include Ashida Kim in on a business deal. That is how he became involved. But you screwed it up before it ever got off the ground. You f*#k ed it up not only for yourself but him as well. You are the only one who got any money out of the deal. Then you ran screaming to Billy that I was the one who was behind this and had ties to Ashida in attempt to cover up what you were doing.

Now your still screaming that I am in businees with Ashida.

Now you claim you had nothing to do with the filing of the court papers? Another flat out two faced gut less lie. I remember you bragging on bullshido how you helped with the paper work and bragging to Browning about it.

You cant even keep your lies straight. But what do you expect from a guy who threatens women on the internet and doesnt show up for a fight at an event.

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