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New upcoming martial art book and video review page

Badass will soon add a new section to it's website. It will be a book and video review section. We will review some of todays martial art dvds and tapes along some of todays books as well.

These reviews are are done by someone other than badass fightwear or it representatives and may or may not be the expressed opinions of the owners of the site.

Guys this will be a good section of the site I am hoping to add reviews of martial arts movies as well. I will let all know once the the section is posted. There is alot of stuff out there and hope fully we can keep an updated review of the best stuff.

Also if any one would like to take this oppurtunity and make your own reviews of martial arts dvds tapes or books we would be glad to post your opinions and critiques.

Re: New upcoming martial art book and video review page

Sounds nice Barron. I like the idea of being able to read movie reviews as well (love the old Jackie Chan flicks). Pretty nice that you are actually doing new things with the site.

From time to time I may be tempted to write a film review/opinion, but as you know I will not be able to comment much on any of the technical aspects of the MA. Always wanted to review movies... just wished I was getting pre-screenings, red carpet invites and payment too but, hell gotta start somewhere and this sounds like a start.

Re: New upcoming martial art book and video review page

John, All you have to do is turn your movie reviews in by going to the site and hit the contact button. Email them to me. soon as I get several reviews in. I will post them.

I have got about three already so When I get a few more I will have the page added.

Just in case any were wondering I will more than likely NOT post reviews of the Bdfs' books or videos whether they are good or bad. I have a hard time with some one claiming to have fought in death matches or the ones who perpetuate such nonsense. Nor do i want to bring any more attention to those products.

Lowlifes who threaten and verbally attack and insult a man's family deserve to be put down like a rabid dog.

As much as I would probably entertain the thought to post a bad review. The bdfs stuff honestly has no place next to the other videos and books on my site.

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