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Latest from Justia

It appears William is starting to distance himself from Creeden.

Re: Latest from Justia

Yeah, I read that a few days ago. The fact that Creeden is running the Official BDFS Blog, never mind the fact that they are posting on it together, kind of kills that argument. Creeden posted way too much, way too long ago for Bill now to say now that they are merely just "casual friends" and are not working in collusion.

I can already see the judge (or Floyd's lawyers) subpoenaing Creeden into court (as a hostile witness). Creeden blames Aguiar. Aguiar blames Creeden. Should be quite the trip and I hope that when they have the fist fight that is sure to come, they will record it for youtube.

I also love how Bill is still accusing Floyd of slandering his name by saying he was arrested for heroin. Floyd merely posted a link to the newspaper clip that said William Aguiar III was arrested for class A drug. Nobody ever said heroin AND you can't be charged with slander for reporting what you read in the newspaper. It seems Aguiar will need to sue the city newspaper for slander! I predict that accusation is going to be laughed at by the judge. It also aggravates me to no end that he is being so hypocritical after I myself have truly been slandered by false heroin accusations from his camp.

The last laughable thing thing I would like to make note of is the accusation that Floyd has been "slandering and harassing" them "for years". Give me a break!!! Aguiar and Creeden have both proved themselves to be the kings of Internet slander and harassment! The courtroom is not the Internet. In court you actually have to prove your case and I'm sorry to say, but any negative thing that Floyd has ever said does not amount to slander or harassment especially when compared to the absolute garbage that has been posted on the various Internet blogs and forums by Creeden and Aguiar. The judge is going to be able to see that as clearly as we do.

Re: Latest from Justia

It was updated again and it looks very bleak for Aguiar indeed. Says the trial (if any) won't be till Summer of 2009. That's ridiculous! Well, at least Floyd will have more time to work on the film, in fact with all the material he has he can probably work on a sequel.

Re: Latest from Justia

Wow, Justia has been busy the recently. Just today the Judge refused a gift from Asshida. Now, while I think that under certain circumstances sending someone a book or other smile gift might be an appropriate and very nice gesture... thinking that a judge who just ruled in your favor in a court case could accept a gift was just foolish.

You know what's funny. In Aguiar and Creeden's case I could actually envision the extreme opposite reaction to an unfavorable ruling in their case. I can picture the judges windshield being smashed or tires being flattened... can you? I guess they could blame that on the Dixie Boys or The Warriors or Timmy or etc. etc.

Re: Latest from Justia

Wow!! Jawney has duped us all see?

YOu see Billy losing his shirt in court and all... The judge laughing at im, Billy and Jawney having a tif and all.... It was all part of the master plan see? The next part of the plan where Billy is told he don't own nothin' where Jawney talks about everyone on his blogg... Its all part of the master plan see?

Billy will sue Jawney, he will get trounced some more in court, Floyd's movie will get made and it will all in fact be a giant ruse see?

Oh yeah Jawney's plan is secretly killing all of us and we are all duped and don't know it! But Jawney knows it see? its just secret so none of us really know we are actually getting bested... its Ninja victory. It will continue to appear like Jawney and Billy are losing everything... they will, as according to the plan get kicked out of the basement, lose another pot connection, but youse guys can't calculate what you can't see... see?

Youse guys just wait until the rest of the plan unfolds By that time Billy and Jawney will be selling Mcdonalds and will be waiting with Matt Kiley to secretly launch the pro se destroyer... a secret weapon Dante perfected while living in the Cuban foothills with Joey Karate! By then Floyd it will be too late hahahhahahahahha

Re: Latest from Justia


Mike S

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