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Anyone remember Gaylord the Ostrich? AND Barron... is this you?

Looks like one of Gaylords feathered friends is very angry. This bird is the Jason Voorhees of geese and probably would have made a tasty dinner had this guy had less patience and not fled.

Crazy Goose Attacks Boater and Dog - Watch more free videos


This guy here made me think of Barron (mainly due to the fact that they both have shiny heads and both know how to defend themselves). I imagine that this is what a meeting between Barron and Creeden might be like.

The description that was posted of this vid reads:

"This parent finds a backpack full of weed in his sons room. He decides to take it to work to deal with later but while at work he gets confronted by the drug dealer wanting the weed back. Dad 1 Dealer 0."

Drug Dealer Gets His Ass Kicked - Watch more free videos

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