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Ashida, Ashida, Ashida

When all is obvious at this point that it is almost over old accusations arise again. As sanctions are placed on Aquiar it seems once again the conspiracy theory is brought back up.

I have no busness relationship with Ashida Kim I do not employ him in any way shape or form nor do I or my wife have anything to do with him or his site what so ever. Ashida is neither related to me in any way as Creeden has also tried to claim in the past. Creeden yells he speaks the truth when all he has done is lie and make false accusations.

Just because one of my homes is in Winter Haven a town whose population is over 30,000 in number(2006 consensus). Somehow this puts me in business with Ashida Kim.

My other home in Indiana is John Cougar Mellencamp's home but does that put me in businees with him?

Burt Reynolds once had a home in Winter Haven a few blocks of my home but that doesnt mean I knew him or was in business with him.

Most of us live in a society that today many dont even know who lives a few houses away in our own neighborhoods. SO there again how does this make Ashida Kim a business associate. How does a over head picture of a nieghborhood which does not appear to be my neighborhood put me in businees with Ashida Kim.

Again business associations with Ashida Kim do not exist in any way.

I am sick of the accusations and if anymore legal action is brought against me or my wife I will start my own letigations for filing frivilous suits against me and my family.

Dmca take downs: Ashida DID NOT represent me in any take downs NOR did he represent me in waving certain rights as Creeden has claimed. If there was any truth to us being in business together or that he was representing me we would still be in court.

Youtube however recieved a email from me about two parties that were using either my name or likeness or my company's name and information taken from my site to thier benefit.

My email simply stated that no one had permission to use me or in any way shape or form. One was using pics off my site the other was using me as an endorsement neither had my permission so BOTH partie's vids were removed.

My email also stated that if they agreed to remove anything pertaining to me or that I would have no objection to them reposting the vids.

Creeden's account became suspended when he refused to comply and kept posting other vids with information from while Ashida Kim removed anything pertaining to me and reposted his vids.

But rather than tell you the truth Creeden wants to continue with the charade that I am a business partner with Ashida Kim. My attorney has a copy of the email to youtube that I sent.

My story from day one Has not changed. I do not have a youtube account where I post vids nor does anyone represent me that does so. There is no businees relationship with Ashida Kim or Dojopress or any of the youtube accounts that post stuff up in his behalf or anyone elses for that matter.

Re: Ashida, Ashida, Ashida

Hi Barron

If I were in your place I would not spent any more time on this matter. I would just give my attorney and few hundred dollars, tell him to put a stop to the slander and harassment.


Re: Ashida, Ashida, Ashida

Barron, this is not even worth trying to defend. That aerial view made me laugh too! Truth is considering how angry you are, I really don't understand why you haven't brought suit against both Auiar and Creeden already. Aguiar for your attorney's fees and Creeden for the threats and harassment. Unlike me, you can afford it.

As far as the video footage... you paid for it, it's legally yours. Creeden needs to grasp that "signatures" are not needed to make a sale final when you buy something. People buy groceries, clothes and DVDs everyday and all they ever have to do is pay... and Creeden got paid $1,000. End of sale!

Re: Ashida, Ashida, Ashida


Dont waste your time with this guy. He has posted so many lies and half truths that no one believes him anyway. If it really is bothering you that bad I agree with Vern, take him to court. I'm sure he needs more legal problems.

Mike S

Re: Ashida, Ashida, Ashida

Nothing has been forgotten and things are in the works.

Re: Ashida, Ashida, Ashida

I am actually still waiting for Creeden, who claimed he was in Winter haven and knew where I live, to tap me on the shoulder as he said he was going to do.

Re: Ashida, Ashida, Ashida

There again Creeden skirts around the truth. The truth is I complained about both of them putting stuff up on you tube. He continually grasps at straws to find a connection. The truth is something he does not want to hear because it blows his conspiracy theory out of the water. The email was sent to my lawyer as proof that I was not connected to Ashida Kim and also as an example that I treated both parties the same way.

There is no denying the email and it contents that was sent to youtube and thier response. Some here have seen the email and know what was in it.

The judge is lowering the boom on Aquiar with sanctions and also with not granting Aquiar's attornies any more time to get up to speed on the case. Sounds like the judge wants the case out of his court room. I am sure that the judge will request that he pay Floyd's attorney's fees before he can continue with the case. He will end up paying a great deal of money to those attornies, copyright attornies are not cheap. It will be well into the thousands.

I predict that if he is made to pay before he can continue it will all be over at that point and he will default the case which will result in a court order for him to pay all legal costs.

By the way I seem to remember someone going on bullshido and telling people that my attorney offered them 70,000.00 dollars.

What a maroon

Re: Ashida, Ashida, Ashida

It probably would not hurt to file a suite against Jawney. He has been needlessly insulting to you and I understand why anyone would be upset with the kind of things he has said.

This type of disrespect is pathetic. I wonder what happened at the event Billy and jawney were supposed to compete at BTW! He should have a preview for you Barron from that event.... don't hold your breath though!

Re: Ashida, Ashida, Ashida

It's funny now that Creeden and Aguiar are distancing themselves. Using Creeden's own logic (as used against Barron)... since they both live in the same city they must be in business together, right? That and the MA connection proves the business relationship "hands down". Someone get an aerial photo from Google for evidence.

Re: Ashida, Ashida, Ashida

Well all i wanted was for these guys to be man enough to meet me in the ring. Apparently they can threaten to rape my wife and hurl insults against her but cannot and will not face me anywhere it seems now.

Creeden was a no show in december at an event after all his bragging to bullshido on how he was going kill me in the ring. Well it seems he was'nt man enough to even show up.

He has yelled time and time again he wants to fight me in the street and not the ring.
Well by his own statement last week he was in Winter haven and Knew where I lived and was going to "Tap me on my shoulder and then it would all be over for me".

Well if he was in Winter Haven he has proven now that he was'nt man enough to do that either.

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