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The Aguiar VS Webb thread on Bullshido has been moved to...

Your Martial Art Sucks: General Martial Arts and Comedy Forum

Re: The Aguiar VS Webb thread on Bullshido has been moved to...

I have a video from Creeden with his comments about this thread being moved:

Crazy Old Goat - Watch more Funny Videos

Re: The Aguiar VS Webb thread on Bullshido has been moved to...

Comical just like the thread.

Re: The Aguiar VS Webb thread on Bullshido has been moved to...

John, Just thought I would mention that I saw a guy by the name of Baron Sheperd fight in an mma event last night here in Newburgh, In. against Bob Myer or Myers. Sheperd won in the third round. The ref had to stop the fight.

I was wondering if this was the same Sheperd that posted here? John, do you know anything about this?

Re: The Aguiar VS Webb thread on Bullshido has been moved to...

Was he bald? Barron has a shaved head.

I don't know 100% for sure, but with a name like that I'm guessing it has to be him. How many Barrons you know, lol? He goes all over for competition. Hurray for his victory if it was him.

Re: The Aguiar VS Webb thread on Bullshido has been moved to...

Hey John, Yeah he was bald or keeps his head shaved. But any how it was a good fight. He pretty much dominated the whole fight. I know they said he was in his forties maybe 44 or 45. The sound system kept cutting out on the announcer so it was hard to make out alot of what the announcer was saying. I didn't get the particulars on his stats. He was definitely in shape to be that age and still fighting and winning.

Re: The Aguiar VS Webb thread on Bullshido has been moved to...

Yeah, I think he runs his own school and/or privately trains people. I believe he specializes in judo and catch-wrestling and probably some other stuff too. I've never seen him fight, but I don't picture him losing often.

Re: The Aguiar VS Webb thread on Bullshido has been moved to...

He had some striking skills to back up his grappling. Cool, it probably was him then. Like you say how many Barons could there be. Well wish I had more to tell. I definitely wondered if it was him when I heard the name.


Barron trains almost very I am not surprised

And this guy overcame a debilitating disease and got back in shape.

Re: Barron trains almost very I am not surprised


Re: Barron trains almost very I am not surprised

You know I cannot help but laugh at fallriver. I mean here we got Chris and Credon shooting off thier mouths telling people how tough they are and how they will meet someone in the woods to fight them. Constantly just running off their mouths over the internet.

On the other hand you got a guy like Baron, in his forties and has overcome a debilitating disease, as Floyd points out, who is actually out there fighting and competing and yet doesnt feel compelled to run his mouth over the inernet.

Does anyone else not see how hilarious this is. I cannot believe those two retards can even face anyone,look themselves in the mirror, or even continue posting on the net.

I wish Baron would post I would like to ask him some questions.

Re: Barron trains almost very I am not surprised

I have some info I want to share so take it for what it is worth. Apparently there has been a falling out of sorts with some in the BDFSI or BDFS what ever they are calling themselves.

People have been leaving the bdfs or having their names removed from the membership page due to the fact that Day, Ashida Kim and others have added peoples names to the page without their knowledge or consent.

Apparently Day is just handing out rank to get members as well. There is an attempt to make things appear bigger than they seem. I have been told there were at least half dozen people whose names were added without thier knowledge a few current members who have been promoted to entice them to join.
I have noticed that barron's name isnt on the members page. It has been gone for at least a couple of months now.

I am told that Day and Kim used Barron to host a seminar with some kajukenbo guy earlier this year and ran out on the seminar without paying. promising to pay at the next seminar and then not showing up to any more to the other seminars.

I am assuming Day and Kim dicked Baron like Credon did and that is why he isnt saying anything as far as Day and Kim or anything pertaining to the BDFS.

Apparently Day keeps adding names to the members list. I have noticed the membership list get smaller and then get bigger over the past month. Can anyone confirm this?

I think fallriver has Day to worry about and not Baron who they have kept bringing up.

I am pretty sure this isnt the way to build an organization. It appears to me that Day and Kim are trying to link themselves to actual martial artists to make them seem like they are more legit.

Re: Barron trains almost very I am not surprised

I noticed Frank Dux was added to the membership page. I was a big fan of the movie "Bloodsport"

Re: Barron trains almost very I am not surprised

Yeah, it seems to me that the Chicago BDFS guys linked up with those frauds in South Africa and Asshida purely so that they could get a large BDFS membership very quickly. If they hadn't had done that I would be featuring them more on this site, but since they did I sincerely feel they have lost a tremendous amount of credibility. Dante would not be pleased.

It doesn't surprise me that Barron does not wish to be associated with the BDFS or the BDFSI at all. He left a couple messages on my phone, one a couple weeks ago and the other a few days ago, but I've been so busy lately (mostly hospital stuff) that I've been missing his calls. I did send him an invite to join us in chat here, but perhaps he is fed up with message boards too.

I'm glad to see some other folks posting in here, but I guess there won't be a lot to talk about until more news on the film or the court case comes out. Anyhow, I only slept 3 1/2 hrs last night, so it's nappy nappy time now. Talk at ya later.

Re: Barron trains almost very I am not surprised

I talked to Barron today. Your right John he does not want anything to do with the BDFSI, BDFS, Day, Ashida or Dante for that matter.

Mark, It was Barron you saw fight in Newburgh. He said it was a last minute decision and he had fun doing it.

Re: Barron trains almost very I am not surprised

I expected as much. From what all I have read I think Credon keeps bringing Baron's name up with Ashida Kim's is Credon's way of trying to clown Baron or insult him.

From what I understand Credon and Chris arent MMA and never thought for one second that Kim was either. So I thought Credon's claims of the Ashida-Barron connection sounded funny. I mean once I saw the guy in a fight at an event none of it made since. But again alot of Credon posts didnt make since. I got a friggin headache trying to decipher them. I mean **** the guy speaks in code or something. I came here and some of it began to make sense.

I really like this forum. It actually has some intelligent discussions. Everywhere else is just a mish mosh of insults and idle internet wannabe tough guy threats. That has gotten really old.

Re: Barron trains almost very I am not surprised

Mark, I agree, this is a good forum. John monitor's it pretty close, in that he will ban anyone who comes here with the intent to abuse and cause trouble. It is ok to disagree and discuss but there is no reason to abuse and challenge folks to street fights. Most of the recent post on Creeden's blog are ridiculous. I probably will be challenged to a fight for saying so, oh well. Bullshido, well it is just Bullshido.

Barron is a decent guy who just wanted to invest in Floyd's film and maybe make a little profit. When he started dealing with the Fall River folks he quickly realized all they were interested in was money and would do just about anything to get it, including throw each other under the bus. In the end I think the judge in the law suit will give everyone what they have earned. I don't think Fall Rivers will be happy with the results.

Re: Barron trains almost very I am not surprised

I totally agree Verne, John does a good job. The other places such as bullshido and Credon's blog have just totally degenerated to the point to where I have stopped going there.

Credon and Chris were constantly talking in circles and then making undecipherable statements and then would post something that totally contradicted what they were attempting to say. I mean

Re: Barron trains almost very I am not surprised

I am a huge believer in free speech and allowing people to defend themselves or make their points... whatever. HOWEVER I do refuse to allow people to come in here posting under false names to hide their true identity, making accusations without reasonable proof, exaggerating other things, slandering folk, etc. etc.

Allowing that stuff would completely degenerate this forum into something nasty, and I won't have it.

I do want everyone to feel free to discuss anything they want, but within certain reasonable parameters. That's not a lot to ask I don't think, to keep things civilized, pleasant , and understandable even if you're vigorously debating/arguing with someone.

Re: Barron trains almost very I am not surprised

You're doing a good job, John. As far as fallriver there probably wont be much to say until the judge decides the case. Usually the longer a civil litigation
goes on the worse it is for the plaintiff. So dont think fallriver will be happy in the end.

Thread gets moved

Well just when you think it is all over on the bullshido thread someone drops a bomb. Floyd's last couple of entries shed a whole lot of light on the crap Credon has been trying to pull.

Re: Thread gets moved

Baron finally had something to say on the bullshido thread. His comments together with the emails Floyd posted really shed some light on the Credon B.S.

Credon's cred is so shot I really cant beleive he actually thinks he has any chances with a lawsuit. He has to know that all of his statements work against him.

I do think at this point Credon and Billy were trying to work some sort of con. Credon's latest comments seem to suggest it.

Re: Thread gets moved

Yeah, its crazy. I love how Creeden's best defense is that Barron doesn't have any proof that the $1,000 was for the film. What a laugh!

Barron's post was excellent and I'm glad he posted it. If Creeden actually tries to take him, Floyd or anyone else to court he is going to lose big time.

Also, if after Floyd's movie is finished he really does try to pirate it he's going to find himself in jail I think. He doesn't have a clue what fair-use really means.

Re: Thread gets moved

Yeah I agree totally. It is obvious that Baron isnt the big money guy Credon makes him out to be. I dont mean that in a bad way. Just that Credon has essentially lied about everything.

Re: Thread gets moved

Is credon nucking futs or what???? So what is he supposed to sue for now??? SO he is talking about standing in front of a judge and saying, "ya honah I didnt make no phone call. I didnt. Well yeah ya honah I made threats ova the intanet but I did nt call no one and threaten dem. I was just bustin balls didnt mean nothin by it."
I didnt do nothin illegal ya honah, I pulled a grift see but a grift isnt illegal see.......


Re: Thread gets moved

Haha that was funny as hell and sadly so true.

Re: Thread gets moved

Yeah John, it is sad. It has degenerated to the point of utter stupidity. Those guys have been caught in one lie after the other and utterly exposed as such on more than one occassion.

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