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Don Hayward's Detroit Diesel 2 Stroke Engine Forum

Welcome to this forum, Feel free to ask for information or leave articles of help for other people interested in DD 2 Stroke's & GM 8.2L/GM 6.2L.. I Have Service Manuals for Inline71 - V71 - 53 Series - GM6.2l.. Also Parts Books 53-71-92-110.. Please use REFRESH after posts.. You don't have to remain ANON, if i post from an email etc.,I will use this to start with for your identity protection, then you can change if you wish.. Click on first post of subject to view all not last one, or switch Styles..

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Don Hayward's Detroit Diesel 2 Stroke Engine Forum
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Which is Delta JFK terminal?

Around 59 million people are transported through John F. Kennedy International Airport each year, making it one of the busiest airports in the world relative to its size. Six terminals are located outside of a rectangular loop at JFK. 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8 make up this group. Air Train connects every terminal. Parking, guest access, car entry, and pre-security are all available inside the circle. Areas on the outside belong to the airside, with access restricted to authorised workers and travellers with tickets for flights.
The JFK Terminal-2, often known as the JFK Delta International Terminal, is used only by Delta airlines. It has 11 gates for boarding (which are jet-equipped C60-C70). Following the demise of Northeast Airlines and Braniff, Delta Air Lines took over this terminal from Pan Am. Until 2013, Terminal 2, in conjunction with Terminal 3, provided service to the majority of Delta's operations. JFK's terminal 2 served as the main hub for passengers for Delta Air Lines' traffic flow. As Terminal 4 developed between 2013 and 2015, Delta centralised the majority of its flight operations, including both international and domestic flights, at this new terminal. As T4 was finished, the boarding gates at Terminal 2 were preceded by the letter "C".