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Obviously you have misunderstood me. I know that it's your intent to keep your members in the dark as to the progress made in the past years at some of these schools. You are doing them a great disservice as well as those members of the community who are seeking information on places like PCS. I know that you and many others like you have had horrible experiences at these places and I am truly sorry for that. However, at no time have I intended to ridicule, belittle, or extract "confidential" information from you or anyone on these forums. It has been my sole intent to inform those victims of past abuse, including yourself, that you are making a difference, there is change occurring and these places are getting better. I know that personally your ultimate goal is to have each and every facility closed forever, but there are many people who know that these places will never close. There is too much money involved and changing hands that it will take decades more to close them completely. However, there is hope that these facilities can provide a better environment than that experienced in the past. I'm sure this post will not be read by anybody but yourself, so I wish you luck in your endeavors.

Re: Misunderstood

Dear Mike,

What you fail to realize is that we have kept up on the so-called "changes" at facilities like Provo Canyon and multiple other facilities. And, that we are aware of violations and abuses as recently as February, 2009 (at least at Provo Canyon School--to which you refer as being "changed for the better").

They nearly killed a girl last year at Provo Canyon School. These programs are illegal and there are many things being done by Congress and the courts to put an end to these types of facilities.

WWASPS, one of the oldest umbrella organizations for abusive programs has lost at least 4 of their programs in the last couple of months.

Between the economy, positive action from victims (families & survivors), legislative and judicial action it will not be decades before every last program is closed. We have a real moment here and now to expose the insidious, cult-like, brainwashing camps that are exploiting families in trouble. And, we are taking it.

It's funny that you use the pat-response of having "misunderstood" you. This is what many manipulators claim when they want to avoid their own realities and put the blame on the recipient of their poor communication instead of upon themselves.

You are doing a disservice by promoting the programs by saying they have "changed for the better". All of the evidence is available on our website for why these programs don't work and how they've been denounced by scientific, legal, and ethical agencies and communities.

There are thousands of families and survivors of many different programs that have reported and exposed systematic abuses and similarities and connections between programs who exploit and defraud American families. We've done our research, how about you do yours and start really reviewing the information on our website(s) instead of skimming and attacking points that vary from your own perceptions.

Whether it was your intent or not, you invariably questioned the statements and integrity of the information we provide and you were awfully curious about the due process argument(s) that are central to a case filed against Robert Crist in 2009 that is still being processed.

Programs are not improving. They are changing the language they use to describe the same abuse and systematic torture they've been using for years. That is not "change". That is manipulation. And, we won't stand for manipulators here.

You have no idea what my personal goals are, but, one of my professional goals is to be a strong legal and ethical advocate for children and families.

We look forward to adding more facilities to the 2009 Economic Meltdown Crematorium list at

Actually, this is the "free-for-all" forum. As long as it isn't horribly abused, we'll let people post here freely.

I suggest you check out if you want to have a more in-depth discussion regarding programs with the ever-growing community of those exploited and harmed by programs.

Please do not try to engage me in any further discussion as I am far too needed and busy to bother with theoretical debates or discussions. Our website is quite explicit and explicative as far as information and position(s). That is its purpose. If we wanted to hand-hold every person with a question, we would set up an 800 number and repeat ourselves thousands of times a day. That is neither pragmatic nor practical.

Please educate yourself and review the information we've provided online. If you are sincere, I believe you are either not mentally equipped to understand (either by lack of education or mental capacity) the inherent illegality and lack of ethical responsibility in such programs (See Milgram Experiment and Stanford Prison Experiment--both linked on our site by the way)or are brainwashed and unable to comprehend the harm you've experienced in an objective way and are therefore possibly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

I again suggest you read "Cults in Our Midst" by Dr. Margaret Thaler Singer, "Reclaiming Our Children" by Dr. Peter Breggin, "Toxic Psychiatry" by Dr. Peter Breggin, and do a better job with your legal research as you seem to lack understanding of the basic principles, responsibilities, and rights of American citizens as is written in the US Constitution.

For more suggestions, please thoroughly review our website.


Angela S.
HEAL Coordinator

Re: Misunderstood

As long as they still use Coercive Thought Reform it will SCREW kids up. No matter how Nice they make it.

C.T.R. has been proven to cause dis-orders even in it's mildest forms.

How can you really believe that actual changes can be forced?

Any program for KIDS should start with Healing the parents first!!!! Then examining every other aspect of the child's life. Do you really think that the child is the problem?

Our system/culture is creating this and we are making the children "deal" with it.

"You better change, or else!"
Now that's what I call healing.