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A thanks to PCS

To all those who read this forum.

I was sent to PCS for 2 1/2 years and graduated from there in 2006. I would like to say that although most posts on here are negative against places like PCS. I would like to say that my stay there was one of the best things that could have happened to me. I was in a lot of trouble as a teenager and could have easily ended up in prison were it not for being sent to PCS. I'll admit that it wasn't easy, and many days I was extremely angry at staff for being there. But now looking back I learned a lot about myself and was able to change my life with the help of counselors and even some team coaches. So I for one am a success story from PCS. I am graduating from college in a few months and will be going to graduate school in the fall. So, for all the naysayers and belittlers of treatment centers, this is my rebuttal.

Re: A thanks to PCS

Good luck to you. I think you understand PCS was a horrible cruel place to others. It ruined my life. That was more than 20 years ago, but I constantly think about my 1-year captivity there. I was never able to fit in again as a teenager and I have been an angry self-destructive adult. If I had not been sent to PCS I would have went on to have a happier life with better relationships and trust. That's all been affected.

Re: A thanks to PCS

Hey, I went to Provo
From nov 81 to aug 83. I'd love to talk to any of you
About your experience. Life if fucking great. Don't let some pusillanimous assholes get you down.

Re: A thanks to PCS

I went to pcs. I was pretty glad to get there, coming from juvenile hall in Oakland. I kind of know what you mean about trust: the process of "kidnapping" wasn't likely to engender trust. Nor was throwing a kid into a urine-stained room (the "pee room") when he was recalcitrant. As I said, though, Provo was a country club compared to 150th in San leandro. My main complaint against these places, aside from destroying a child's trust, is that they don't work. I kept in touch with several people in the Bay Area who went to pcs, and all of them problems. One of them, Jon hurst, was in and out of prison, and eventually died of a heroin overdose. Another became a crack addict, before getting his life together. I saw another at a grateful dead concert. These institutions just take your money, without getting at the emptiness that causes people to use drugs in the first place. Love your kids! Never lie to them. Don't listen to the doctor Phil's of the world.

Re: A thanks to PCS

I don't care how "OK" you think you are. I was very sucessful in the world for years.

Have you read about Coercive Thoght Reform and it's effects?

Years of "I'm OK" are very common!

They could have helped you without using C.T.R. Just because they also had a few things that worked or helped you doesn't change the rest of the program that we all experienced.

I hope you stay OK. :)

Re: A thanks to PCS

obvious provo canyon employee in my opinion.

Re: A thanks to PCS

I am going to crypto-post for anyone who might read this thread, and be tempted to take the "but the programs help some people" argument seriously.
I never signed up to be sacrificed for this guy. I was never drafted to be sacrificed for this guy. Even if you accept that these programs help some people, they do so at the cost of irreparable harm to many others. At best, it is a form of vampirism.
If this guy was really as bad as all that, then he SHOULD have wound up in court, not in some extrajudicial system where due process is nonexistent. It is ridiculous to suggest that anyone should be denied legal recourse so that some people can avoid legal repercussions for their actions.
I think what bothers me the most about this guy is the way that people like him get used as poster children by the programs. "Look, we turned even this sociopath into a model citizen! You bet we can stop your B-student from smoking pot behind the woodshed on Saturday night!"
Parents, do not be fooled. Some programs are better and some are worse, but they all work by destroying the deeply-embedded sense of safety and trust that holds first-world nations together. Healthy Americans do not expect thugs to haul them out of bed in the middle of the night. They do not expect indefinite, extrajudicial imprisonment for themselves. They can lead normal, unafraid lives, because that kind of thing only happens to terrorists. Right?
I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you remove your kid from normal society, you risk doing so for a lifetime. I am successful in spite of what happened to me, but I will never be an American. It's just not the culture I was brought up in.
My mother is even more haunted by what happened to me than I am. Don't make the same mistake.

Re: A thanks to PCS

your retarted

Re: A thanks to PCS

Either Stockholm syndrome or employee.

Whether or not it helped you is a different story to a cadet that was actually abused.

I'm glad that the program helped you, but to others it may have destroyed them on a deep mental level.

I went to one of these places, and I can tell you that their motives are great, but the staff they hire do not play ball accordingly and often step out of line to abuse a child.

I am very glad that it helped you, and you are doing well.