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Lets take on the Troubled Teen Industry! Contact Anonymous!

For those of you who went to an abusive tough love boot camp, and would like to bring attention to this issues please contact Anonymous on IRC. Server channel #anonops

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget

Expect us

Re: Lets take on the Troubled Teen Industry! Contact Anonymous!

The name "anonymous" does not indicate any kind of organization. People active under this name are known to materially assist stalkers seeking "troubled teens" who actually get families to pay them for the privilege of having their loved ones hounded to death if the families do not continue to ante up the $$ to the so-called "rescue" groups.

Any kind of predator can post as "Anonymous" and MANY do. Especially when they see a chance to stalk a youngster.

Go after your loved ones yourself, keep your loved ones close to your heart, don't bring them into contact with worse than they already faced.

Beware of "Anonymous"

Beware of "Anonymous"

Beware of "Anonymous"