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I was reading the posts about Adirondack Leadership Expedition and need to have my say- My son, before entering boarding school, completed 52 days, in the winter, at ALE. This was his third Wilderness program and had, by far, the best results therapy- wise. Dean Everitt was amazing, and although the conditions were rough -it was cold, etc.- my son benefitted greatly. I called him after reading the posts on here and questioned him about some of the allegations.
He said:
"The bottom line is that some REALLY TROUBLED kids attend this program and need to be put on run/suicide watch. Some kids do not go willingly so parents arrange escorts to pick up their kids. There were kids, mom, that were still high when they got there"

I believe some parents, at times, are in denial about just how much trouble emotionally or psychologically their child is in. My son was proud at his graduation- not humiliated. I do have to say though, that my son admitted that a lot of cheating went on to get out-you have to achieve certain things like design a bear trap- but other than that he said it was tons of one on one time with a counselor- and he was able to come to grips with a lot of his issues.
Parts of the program are a little hokey-like becoming wolf etc...but my son went and stayed willingly. He knew that he needed to complete the program, or he couldn't attend boarding school.

Is my son fixed? Absolutely not....but I truly believe that he is in a better place than he was upon enetering the program.