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Center for Change

I read that CFC is owned by same company as Provo Camp which seems irrefutably abusive from what I read. CFC is for eating disorders tho and I am wondering if they are OK? I am a therapist and I called them yesterday because I am worried about a client who was sent there. As I talked to the therapist (who should know better) I was repeatedly told to "stay calm". I am quite calm but very comfortable with strong emotions (afterall all therapists SHOULD be) but this happened at least four times on two phone conversations leaving me with the impression that I would have been sedated or restrained had I been there and shown strong emotion, also the hushed tones and creepiness leaves me very worried.

Re: Center for Change

I think I've had friends go through there. It's hard to tell, because all their names are so damn similar, but I wouldn't trust them. Especially after their behavior on the phone. I was inpatient, and then outpatient, for a few months at an abusive, disgusting eating disorder treatment center, and it would have been awesome if I'd had a therapist call and be like "ummmm y'all are illegal and gross, discharge my patient". Lots of big-name eating disorder residential facilities are just expensive abuse. If you can, I'd get her out. There's much more effective treatment out there. I don't know if this will help, but personally, I recovered from my eating disorder when I was allowed to have control and autonomy over the recovery process, and able to voice my own thoughts and feelings, and able to prepare my own meals. It's exactly the opposite of what those places do. You're right to have misgivings!