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A 2 1/2 year menagerie

It's so sad it's taken most of of years to open up this part of our lives to realize why we are who we are.
No apology. Limited settlements.
I cried 2 days straight that this occurred after 95-97 when I was at BCA NWA cedu ascent
I could of helped.
I finally looked 2011. I don't know if I should of
It's horrible that this continued almost a rally of fear driven power as
Animalistic as the hills they lie in.
Well onward and upward...
Not so fast who's parents not only subscribed but never acknowledged?
No apology no reference
Sure I could send a link but that would be a breach of silence
File under not my problem
Really though this was a situation of abuse plain and simple I was 12 and
Was abused & molested (Dave Navarro NWA) and spit on (Jeanine)
It was a constant fear til I got emancipated

An apology needs to be issued
By anyone u cannot destroy lives and walk away god has a place for you

"Unprecedented Vindication"
Wishing you all the same

Re: A 2 1/2 year menagerie

I can't say I understand everything that's being relayed in this message or poem, like in the first half of the first paragraph, but of course, the overall gist is the same; and everything after "onward and upward" is perfectly clear to understand and relatable for the majority of people who have had to endure incarceration at the hands of the immoral and largely corrupt "troubled teen industry", including myself.

The question is, HOW to HEAL? It's been four years since I was last in a program, I am now 21 years old, still struggling with this question, still having nightmares about these experiences, almost every night. No apology is offered or even an earthly consideration; my mother maintains that I must understand that she had to do what she did, because she loves me, she had no other option, and now everything is good in her eyes. Clearly she is blind to the facts. I have PTSD, anxiety, paranoia, ADD, dissociation disorder, hebephrenia... all speculation, since I was traumatized by excessive and forceful and fraudulent therapy, I'm not so keen on seeking it now. In fact, I am a downright recluse.

The future seems bleak. I have no one, little money, and little faith left in my abilities (to learn, work, recoup/re-acclimate to normalcy, etc.).

These programs do not offer "tough love". It's not love, it's fear. Those are literally opposites. They have opposite frequencies. I now face the challenge of trying to begin my life at the age of 21 and start anew, in spite of the old, and despite the dreams I can't control, and despite my consequential lack of credentials, having been denied the most basic opportunities of our society... now I'm supposed to somehow get back in.

For what it's worth, I hope for all of you to find your peace. Wish me luck.