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Re: need suggestion for rtc in AZ

The programs have no goal for completion just work as hard as you can for as long as you can until staff therapist
or directors decide you have completed the program and are ready to be released. this leaves space open for
deception of there customers and a lack of knowledge of where the program is going from the start.
the programs have a history of
harsh treatement, deaths, physical, phychological, and emotional abuse.
the origins of these programs are cults, scientists or religous organizations like scientology, synanon,
the mormon church, southern baptist churches, LSD experimentees, and behavior scientist looking to do reasearch on the subjects.
the treatment theories on which these programs have been based off of are not proven to show positive effects in any published
studies and in the long run can cause seriouse psychological problems,
behavior modification is the basis for these theraputic programs, but behavior modification is a form of
control to change a persons actions.although each program claims to base there program off a set of principles and
skills like self respect, empowerment, trust, confidence, anger manegement and problem solving none of these is held
with as much esteem as unquestioned obedience. because these theraputic programs base success off of obedience, and manipulate
the patient into doing so, these programs will create dependency, a lack of free will and a distorted view on what it
means to have a healthy relationship. this therapy never works on the underlying problems and
since control is the basis of this therapy, this could negatively effect there
current and future relationships. it also give the patient a negative view of therapy purpose where the patients
choices thoughts, and beliefs matter in the process. but with parents saying the program saved there childs life,
past patients claiming it works, and corporations banking on discruntled youth
these programs will continue to multiplie until legal action is take to make them
extinct. we dont know what will happen with the future of these programs but it couldnt be much worse than the past.
charles E Dederich founder of synanon said it best "we are an experimental society. i dont know how this is gonna turn
out, i really dont."
so please my friend do not destory your daughters life more than it already has take her out and find a therapist who is compassionate truthful and allow your daughter to choose weather she wishes to or not without force or she could end up like me.