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Re: solver

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Re: Vista RTC Utah School- any stories or reviews??

Hi, my name is Paloma, and I am a survivor of Vista RTC located in Magna Utah. I am writing this now as a 23 year old, married with a child, and expecting another one next month. The life I lead today is uncomplicated, but that was not always the case. I was a “troubled teen” and had started drugs- my parents sent me to wilderness and Vista RTC as a way for me to get help. Only help is not what I got. The moment I was forcibly put on a plane by a company called “Crisis Interventions”, my life was changed forever. Here I am all these years later , just so ****ed up over what happened to me. There’s so much that went on I can’t even begin to tell it all today but I will outline some of the abuse I endured.
- I was not allowed to speak for weeks and weeks at a time. This is a punishment called RO (also known as re orientation) where you are not allowed to speak with any of the other kids. If you get caught talking to the other kids, they will also be put on RO. Being a young teenager and not being able to speak for weeks on end would drive me crazy. It was the worst thing they could do- take away your voice. I fought for a long time , tried to engage in small acts of defiance, but after not being allowed to speak for about 3 months I gave up and submitted. You should see my journals and how ****ed up they are. I literally prayed for anyone to come save me but no one did.
- if you try and leave they will strip you down, put you in bright pink scrubs and put you on something called “10 foot” it means you have to be 10 feet away from all the other kids at all times, no speaking and no eye contact. If you are caught looking at a 10 foot you will be dropped to RO. You can speak with your fingers only (1 I believe is bathroom , 2 is emergency, and I forgot what 3 is) oh and a staff member has to be within arms length of you at all times, to watch you ****, shower , dress, everything- for weeks , sometimes even months. My mind blanks out about some parts of vista. Another punishment they use is isolation rooms. I never recall being put into isolation but weirdly enough I have letters from staff reminiscing about how when I tried to leave and was put in the isolation rooms. It was in my graduation letter where this was mentioned- as if this would have been a fond memory or something. I remember the staff member made a joke like “all the fun times we had while you were in isolation” but honestly so much happened that I tried to block out I’m honestly not surprised.
- the way they abuse you the most is with therapy. They make you have 2 hour groups every day. These are INTENSE groups where they force you to feel sad or ashamed about things you don’t feel sad/ashamed about. They make you recount your sexual traumas even if you aren’t ready. They literally force you to cry about situations you aren’t sad about. If your not “beleiveable” enough , they have the group rip you to shreds and say they “aren’t connecting”. If people “aren’t connecting” then you can’t go up levels which extends your stay. I tried fighting and being my authentic self for a while until I realized I would literally never go home unless I played their game. You literally have to go into group and give an Oscar award winning performance, tears , snot the whole nine- about something you literally don’t even feel that way about. I would be “crying” reliving all these sexual traumas that happened to me that I really felt different emotions about , but be forced to only be sad and cry. I would literally be so focused on whether I was believed or not that I got nothing out of the “therapy” whatsoever , except for more trauma.

They train the group of girls to be like a pack of dogs, constantly berating the newer people and constantly telling other girls they “aren’t connecting” in group. This is called “holding others accountable” and it gives you extra brownie points and is necessary if you ever want to walk out that door. The girls will snitch on you for the most minute things just so they can get moved to the next level. I remember after FINALLY making it to a higher level, being dropped to RO because a girl snitched on me for sharing a spoon with my friend. We were eating a banana (separate ones) and using a spoon to put peanut butter on said banana. I was dropped to RO and not allowed to speak for weeks because of that. I’m guessing that because they were super Mormon that they think sharing utensils is like lesbianism or something- I really don’t know. They had a ton of these rules and everything we did was regulated down to the minutes we could shower.

They made us feel ashamed and terrible about ourselves at all time.
I was not allowed to see my parents for months at a time.
All out phone called were monitored and if we started asking for help they would hang up. (Like we literally had someone next to us while we got our phone call there to listen and hang up if you

Re: Vista RTC Utah School- any stories or reviews??

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Re: Vista RTC Utah School- any stories or reviews??

Hey I am a former client of Vista. I was formerly a heroin addict and am currently a college student at Bard college. I have been clean about 3 years now. I feel like many of the former clients I have talked to, aswell as myself have some what similar experiences. None of us enjoyed our stay. But also we recognize how it helped us. The therapists: Jason Seavy and Victor (I forget his last name) both cared about the clients. I feel that their therapy helped me beyond measure. At the same time I think Vista was designed to make money. I think the clients were silenced. We were stuck in small living rooms with 20ish people and It got claustrophobic. I've never felt more trapped in my life. I realize that I felt awful in treatment but also that adversity helped me grow and it also forced me to let go of the person I was. If I hadn't gone there my addiction would still be an integral part of my personality. One of my favorite quotes is from Baldwin's autobiographical notes, He says: "the things which hurt him and the things which helped him cannot be divorced from each other". I have experiences with other RTCs therapeutic boarding schools and woods programs. I do not think Vista is the worst place. In fact so many other treatment places are scams in some form. Vista is wayyy over priced. In that way it is a scam. Matt Chekitz is way to ******* rich off of us. Still I wanted to offer my contact info for anyone seeking information about this place or even if you've decided against it, I would like to help someone chose an effective treatment center. My # is 971 227 1899. Please text before you call so I know you're not a telemarketer. Also pro-tip about choosing an RTC, avoid ranches. Ranches were notorious in treatment for being places where people got jumped and raped.

Re: Vista RTC Utah School- any stories or reviews??

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