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Re: Vista RTC Utah School- any stories or reviews??

Vista's staff that are not licensed ARE NOT LICENSED THERAPISTS NOR COUNSELORS. Clearly, you didn't even visit the website at before posting your ignorant response.

Oh, wait? Do people and organizations sue abusive and fraudulent programs similar to Vista? Oh, yes they do! Do they file complaints? Oh, yes they do! Are the previous two attorney generals in Utah currently indicted for corruption and taking bribes from scamming businesses such as fraudulent residential programs operating in Utah? Oh, yes they are! And, are you showing how ignorant you are with your response! Oh, yes you are!

Vista is not a summer camp! You are comparing apples to oranges here. And, you are being unreasonable and stupid. If your family sent you to a remote location where you were tortured and told daily that your family supported the abuse you were suffering and told daily that if you ever said a bad word about the program that you would be punished for it and that you witnessed other children lose levels and experience harsh punishments as a result of telling the truth about the abuse, you would likely upon freedom not talk about the abuses out of fear of being returned to the program. You are an idiot who knows nothing of PTSD or what life is like for survivors of institutional abuse. You are an idiot and your trust between your child and you has been destroyed. Your child is welcome to come to HEAL for help suing you and the program you stupidly subjected them to, but, your ignorance and ridiculous claims make no sense. Is there unlicensed staff claiming to be therapists at Vista? Yes! Are there lawsuits against fraudulent and abusive programs? Yes! Is there corruption in Utah? Yes! So, all of your arguments have been debunked and your delusions of doing the right thing will blow up in your face sooner or later. The best thing you can do is admit your mistake now and truly try to heal your relationship with your child. But, you are probably too stupid to do that given your responses here.

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