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Re: Vista RTC Utah School- any stories or reviews??

Your reply is a reply, so you did bother to respond. The information you shared and your attacks on my credibility as well as the information I provided in my other posts were not deleted. Nor will my responses to you be deleted. Idiot and stupid are light insults at best and certainly not "attacks". Ridiculous? HEAL is not ridiculous nor is our mission to stop institutional child abuse. Just because something "offends" you doesn't make it an attack. Your use of words such as ridiculous and baseless statements about HEAL's credibility were much more "attacks" than what I said in my last reply. Yes, you are delusional. Yes, if you continue to remain blind and fail to make peace and begin building real trust with your child, I think you are an idiot, stupid, or criminal. You pick which of those three you would rather be thought of as and we'll go with that.

Yes, when a parent's ignorance places their child in a remote location (removed from home and community), he/she believes everything they are told, he/she doesn't question their contracts or even have them looked over by an attorney before signing indemnity clauses, he/she assumes that their child (like any normal and sane person) would not act to preserve his/her own freedom by following the directives to never say a bad word about their captors/former captors, he/she assumes that their child (like any normal and sane person) would not fear being returned to a remote location where deprivation of contact with the outside world is the least of the violations suffered, then that parent is stupid and worthy of being called an idiot.

I will be posting links to the complaints against Vista shortly. The complaints I will share are public information. In the meantime, I can confidently say that HEAL has received multiple reports of abuse at Vista. Including, one parent report that reads in part: " It was a nightmare at Vista. Both programs are working together to rotate kids in and out of each program more than once. In order to do that they destroy the clients relationship with parents. There was also staff having sex with clients, staff "fining" clients for whatever and pocketing money, months without a therapy session, etc. I have reported this to the licensing agent but of course there is but so much she can do about it ."

So, yeah, you've been taken for a ride based on the information we have and your child is so scared to talk to you about what Vista was really like because you are too stupid to trust with that information if your decision-making history is any indication. Children are told that the program will be monitoring their progress when they get home and that if they complain (say one bad word) about the program the program will recommend they be returned to the program. And, that is why I am writing this to you in an "angry tone". Your child may not be free to share their pain and anger, but, someone should give them a voice. And, that's what HEAL is about. I in no way threatened you. I tried to give you a serious wake up call. And, I spoke harshly, but, not in any way I would consider a verbal attack. If you can't handle that, you should have never become a parent. Teens have raging hormones that cause mood swings (so do middle-aged women by the way). And, sometimes tempers flare when intelligent individuals run into arrogant fools online. We respect free speech here. And, I made my point.

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