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Re: Vista RTC Utah School- any stories or reviews??

I attended this program for 3 months and was pulled. I still have nightmares and think about it every day and it's been almost a year. It's the most abusive program I've experienced, and it's not California certified because of how the staff and therapists treat the clients. The therapists are straight up mean to you, insulting you, and everyone shuns you until you give in to the brainwashing. There are punishments for doing things like cussing or not talking in group, the first line of which is being on RO for a week. RO is when you can't speak for a week and if you do it starts over. Taking over 7 minutes in the bathroom or not reporting other clients for breaking rules or saying bad things about the program results in ROOM or worse. Maybe you you drank caffeine on a visit or went out of the Line of Sight of a staff? The punishment is called "scrubs", where the staff watch you change into a pair of bright green scrubs, with matching flip flops, and you get RO punishment while having to drag your mattress to the commons area every night so staff can watch you sleep. Scrubs also means staff have to watch you shower and use the restroom. Fun. Well that program is hell and those are only a couple things. Help your friend.

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