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Fake Clinic in Massachusetts

There is a fraudulent "clinic" that has been operating in Lakeville Massachusetts for years. It is the Meadow-haven clinic. It claims to help "cult victims" but the "doctors" who set it up are doctors of theology, not psychology. They are Robert and Judy Pardon.

They opened the clinic on property they won after an abusive day-care center caused headlines and they won foster-care rights to the children who were taken from the family-run abusive care center.

They went on in their career from possibly legitimate concerns to participating in paid stalking and "legal kidnapping" (getting law enforcement to remove children from families with false accusations) and in recent years they have established themselves as a training center for stalkers, giving legal protection to such people as a man who stalked my daughter when she was still alive and who bragged of the training he received (in their "clinic') in how groups drive people to suicide.

His name is Brian Birmingham.

He sent me an obituary of a murdered woman, Immette St Guillen, while my daughter was still alive. He said it was a warning because I blocked him from a facebook page, thinking he was just a random creep. He had found me because I posted some defenses of a group of "jesus freaks" he was slandering in various forums. He was working for the Pardons at the time. I did not know that at the time, I had never heard of them.

Birmingham is a dangerous man. He was kicked out of the army in the middle of the Iraq "stop-loss" period for mental health reasons and was taken into the Meadow haven clinic, paid for by other supporters of the fake clinic system who have been accepting thousands of dollars from families who think they will "rescue" their relatives who may have left the family behind in pursuit of any kind of new belief system. These people are not doing what "HEAL" does, trying to defend individuals from slave-like programs, but they are mercenaries who will get the "converts" back into the old abusive family for a price. Once they start taking money for the work of stalking and harassing an innocent victim, they never stop. If the victim has not even joined a so-called "cult" but is simply trying to live independently, Brian Birmingham, for a price, will continue the stalking and raise it to stalking the relatives who may regret their mistake. The mercenary becomes the blackmailer. Robert and Judy Pardon provide him with the support he needs because his mental illness (which includes obsessive-compulsive and aspergers' traits) is fueling his activities and shielding them from legal responsibility. They collect the money.

The Pardons are impossible to prosecute because they originally set up their clinic with the help of Democrat Scott Harshbarger, then the attorney-general of Massachusetts. The so-called clinic was a big political funding source for him. he went on to have some position in the Democrat administrations in Washington, but is not so prominent now.

The entire network of fake clinics throughout the USA has a common history with these kinds of things and it is the fear of career politicians like Harschbarger and their current associates that keeps the fake clinics (and so-called "safehouses) immune, because of course the politicians did not understand what they really were about when they exploited a public outcry for a "safe place" for genuine victims of genuine cults.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what I have to say. Please share your own experience.

Re: Fake Clinic in Massachusetts

You don't have a clue what you're talking about. The Pardons have saved many lives, including mine. They don't even charge for their tireless and expert services, and have never taken a penny from me. Stalking and harassing innocent victims for money? As I said, you have no clue what you are talking about, the roster of lives these people have saved, and the numbers of people they have helped - while asking for nothing in return, would put you to great shame.

Re: Fake Clinic in Massachusetts

I'm agreed with chayah, without any clue It's not fair to spoil someone's reputation. First investigates and do proper research and gets evidence then you can ask so. I buy health equipment from an online store that is Go save shop. Even I verify for the store before getting anything then how could you say like that about a person?

Re: Fake Clinic in Massachusetts

Yes, there is a very dark underside to this so called healing clinic.